"We got a merchant, boys! You know what this means, food, supplies, CHEMS, guns--so get to it you fucks!"
―A 390 informing their peers about an incoming merchant
General Information
Location:Western New York, around Interstate 390
Population:221 (at height)

The 390's were a vicious group of chem-fueled raiders operating in Western New York, namely Interstate 390. Infamous for their helical magazine-fed .22 sub-machine guns that allowed them to constantly hold fire on targets, at their height, The 390's had six raiding camps across Interstate 390, and their primary base of operations was the Genesee Dreams Mobile Home Park, located in the town of Lakeville.

A notable feat of The 390's was the fact that they integrated the Erie's tribe into their numbers, making their group more ornery and hostile by tenfold.


Founded on October 11th, 2198 by a man known by Heartbreaker, an exile of the Smiling Foxes raider gang of East Aurora, New York. Heartbreaker was infamous amongst the Smiling Foxes for breaking several of the rules of the gang, but using his fast wit and charm to get out of facing justice by Lenny Kowalski, the leader of the Smiling Foxes at the time.

Angry, frustrated, and shunned by his peers, Heartbreaker settled down in the Genesee Dreams Mobile Home Park, away from the long arm of the Smiling Foxes. Heartbreaker convinced a group of thugs that were settling in the town of Lakeville, which the trailer park was located, to work with him and found a raider gang, and taught the thugs what he learned from his years of being in the Smiling Foxes. And on that day, the 390's were born, under the placeholder name of "Heartbreaker's Boys".

At the time, Heartbreaker's Boys operated in the town of Lakeville, keeping salvagers away from the town. Unbeknownst to Heartbreaker, some of the thugs were chem addicts, addicted to the local chems of Western New York, like Hopper and Fury. The thugs went through I-390 to raid a caravan to get their fix of Hopper and Fury, strengthened by their knowledge given by Heartbreaker.

Over time, in 2200, Heartbreaker's Boys strengthened, with more thugs joining the numbers, due to word of mouth getting passed on through about Heartbreaker's Boys. Because of this, Heartbreaker introduced an initiation ritual, not too different from the Smiling Foxes'. As brutal and medieval the initiation was, it strengthened the thugs joining the gang. Looking to expand his gang's influence and power, Heartbreaker ordered a raid on a nearby armory of the town.

Although the raid experienced resistance from the pre-war security measures there, the raid was moderately successful, with some casualties, and three deaths. Because of this raid, Heartbreaker's Boys obtained their signature helical magazine-fed .22 sub-machine guns. Later that year, the gang expanded out into I-390, and was later renamed the 390's.

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