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Political Information
Type of Government:Tribal
Group type:Raiders
Leader Title:Big Dog
Leader:Antonio Alvarez
Societal Information
Headquarters:A&T campus
raider tribals:100-140
Historical Information
Founded by:unknown
Dissolved:July 3, 2141
Policy Information
Goals:becoming top raider tribe of Greensboro, providing for the tribe
Allies:smaller client tribes
Enemies:New Sparta
Status:wiped out



After the Bombs Fell (October 23, 2077-April 17, 2106)

The Aggies were a tribe of raiders that were descended from desperate people that had lived in the area around the University of North Carolina A&T, some of them being former students. The would take to raiding only about a year or two after the bombs fell and would be no strangers to violence as other groups of people would take to raiding them, many just to kidnap a person to eat. While many raider groups would take to cannibalism after the bombs fell that would be a taboo in Aggie culture. They were also willing to negotiate agreements where they let their victims live if in return they provide either food or a unique service for the group. One of the most notable aspects of Aggie raiding was that they used a large amount of dogs to help in their attacks, those dogs mainly being German Shepherds and Pitbulls and most scholars believe that dogs really became a huge part starting in the 2090s when mutated predators started appearing in large numbers. The group would stay around 25-35 strong as they lost members to other raiders, feral ghouls, and wasteland predators. That would all change when a Ghoul by the name of Antonio Alvarez would take over the gang on April 17, 2106, by killing the original big dog.

Antonio Takes the Reins (April 17, 2106-August 17, 2112)

Antonio had been a sergeant in the United States military and so he would apply his knowledge of pre-war military tactics to make the Aggies the biggest raiders in the area around A&T. He would go about and attack other raider groups and small survivor settlements. At first, he was mainly attacking groups that number no more than 10-15 people and made sure that his aggies had an overwhelming advantage when he did. He also would go out and personally challenge many raider bosses to hand-to-hand combat and take them over much the same way he did the Aggies. Soon his aggies were growing in strength and with more numbers Antonio started sending raiding parties further and further out and more and more often. Raiding bands would go as far South as Siler City on raids and they would bring back many goods from the ruined remnants of many pre-war towns. Antonio also avoided engaging the Spartans when they started sending out their extermination expeditions, he did not want the Spartans to bleed his aggies dry and he knew that their level of combat expertise and large numbers would spell certain doom. He would only engage the Spartans when he was sure that he could win a huge victory against them and cement his place as the top dog in the area.

A&T Massacre (August 18, 2112)

When the Spartans finally sent out an extermination expedition out to A&T to cull the numbers of the Aggies that would be when Antonio would make his move. He would equip his most expendable warriors with basic pipe rifles and pistols and gave them strict orders to flee after only a couple of minutes and not in an organized way, he wanted them to make it look like they were fleeing for their lives. Antonio's plan was hinged on the Spartans eagerness to win honor and their perception of raiders as being disorganized rabble. Fortunately for Antonio that proved to be true for the young Spartan commanders leading the expedition force eagerly chasing the fleeing Aggies into a building that would provide many opportunities for an ambush. Antonio would start his ambush by unleashing a barrage of 10 flash bang grenades they had looted from a small town police station. As the Spartans were disoriented the Aggies then unleashed their signature attack dogs which savaged the disoriented Spartans. The dogs were then called back and the Aggies started pouring shotgun and hunting rifle fire into the Spartans and would hunt down the surviving Spartans with their spears and combat knives. By the time the killing was done, an entire platoon of Spartans had been wiped out while the Aggies had only lost 18 of their warriors and 8 of their dogs.

Top Dogs (August 18, 2112-July 3, 2141)

Antonio's status as being top dog in the area around A&T, and possibly all of the Greensboro, was firmly established after the massacre of A&T. New Sparta would swear revenge on the Aggies and made a pledge to wipe out the name Aggies from the history of Greensboro. There would be many confrontations between New Sparta and the Aggies for years to come but they would not be able to make good on their promise until much later. Antonio immediately sent out some of his warriors to other nearby raider tribes and said that from now on they would provide the Aggies a portion of any loot they manage to get and that any attacks on caravans that passed through the area would have to be approved by him and his tribe had first dibs. Many Caravaneers would come to curse the Aggies and many Caravans would just give Antonio and his tribe a certain amount of goods to be left alone. The Aggies would especially like to attack caravans that had Spartan guards and many Spartans would fall by Aggie blades and firepower. During their reign as the top dogs of the raider tribes, the Aggies would send out raiding parties even further out into the wasteland and be able to attack decent sized towns. Their many raiding expeditions would gather many goods such as food, water, and weapons for the tribe and before the Aggies were wiped out the raiders were almost as well armed and armored as the Spartans. One of their most well-known raids that happened during this period when a war party of 30 Aggies and 20 attack dogs sacked the Quaker settlement of Thomasville located right outside the city limits of Burlington, and when the news of the massacre spread many of the tribes in the area would gather to destroy the war party. Many historians believe that it was this action undertaken by the Aggies that would prompt New Sparta to send out their expedition as many of the Aggie's best warriors and attack dogs had been in that raiding party. The success of the Aggies would be ended when Darion Jefferson would destroy the Aggies using the same tactics that won Antonio's battle decades ago.

Genocide (July 4, 2141)

Darion would gather an army of 2 platoons of Spartans, a platoon Perioeci militia and 2 squads of elite Spartans to end the Aggies. However instead of marching the army as one like the generals before him, Darion would split up the army with him keeping the 2 platoons of Spartans with him and sending the Perioeci and Elites out to try and sneak their way in positions to ambush the Aggies if they tried to flee. Antonio would see the force the Spartans had amassed to destroy him and decided to flee, not knowing that this spartan commander had set up an ambush for him. When the Aggies were going to flee the Spartan onslaught they would be met with Spartan firepower seemingly coming from all sides, the Aggies would not be able to break through the defense of the Perioeci and the elites and when the Spartans led by Darion arrived the Aggies were becoming desperate, many simply running to try and sprint past the firing line, only a few would escape that way. The Spartan army would start closing in around the entrapped Aggies and Darion himself would actually manage to find and engage Antonio in melee combat. Darion would slay Antonio when he slashed the Ghoul's throat with his trusty machete and the remaining Aggies would fall soon after. The only Aggies that would be spared were the children that were shorter than the waistlines of the Spartan soldiers, and they would be brought back to be placed into Helot families. After the Battle was over and Darion sent word to Sparta, the Kings of Sparta decided to send a group of Spartans and Perioeci to settle A&T and informed Darion that the settlement would be named Jefferson in his families honor.


Notable Members

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