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Alexander Reyes
Date of birth:Oct. 29th, 2265
Blood type:O-
Height:6'2" (188cm)
Mass:210lbs (95.2544kg)
Occupation:Wandering Lone Ranger (a 'Knight Errant' as he fancies himself.)
"You must be the change you want to see in this world"
―Mahatma Gandhi
"I walk slowly, but I never walk backwards."
―Abraham Lincoln

Alexander Reyes is a wandering man who travels from place to place in search of raiders to defeat and injustice to punish.

He has a sort of "Survival of the Fittest" mentality when it comes to organizations and nations, which means that he has only disdain towards the Enclave, as he believes that the United States of America had it's time and that that time had passed long ago. He also believes that if you are civil then you may have a moment, regardless of who you are, which means he is against the Brotherhood of Steel, as they won't give ghouls a chance to speak based on the sole fact that they're no longer considered human in their eyes. He is very heavily against the almost tribal ways of Caesar's Legion, being a believer in the justice system from before the war, and personally viewing them, ironically yet not ironically, as barbaric savages, and as a totalitarian government, which would go against his free spirit down to the smallest details. That also goes for the NCR. Needless to say, he's a sort of lone wolf in the wasteland.

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