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Arlo LaVanche
Arlo LaVanche
Date of birth:2266
Date of death:2303
Age:37 at the time of his death
Mass:165 lbs


Early Childhood

Arlo was born in 2266, the child of a Rafter (whose family had been rafters since the Great War) and a local prostitute in Vieux Carré. Despite not being there for the actual pregnancy, Arlo's father quickly adopted Arlo when he was born (much to the mother's relief). Arlo was later told that his mother was killed when a gunfight broke out in the honky-tonk she worked at although Arlo was never able to fully find out what happened to his mother. What Arlo did know what that his last name came from her, as Arlo's father never had a last name (or at least to his knowledge).

Growing up as a small child in a raft a little bigger than the size of a pre-war bedroom, Arlo from since he could walk was put to work on the boat even during simple tasks like boiling the radioactive seawater that the crew drank to keep hydrated. Whenever the raft would stop at a local town, Arlo would be given the task of summoning customers over to the dock (something that the naturally friendly Arlo found that he was very good at).

Most of Arlo's childhood was extremely fast-paced due to him constantly being on the move. He was rarely able to truly cultivate any meaningful friendships with children his age, partly due to his deformities (including his extra finger on his left hand and his yellow-hued skin) as well as the fact that he was rarely in one town for more than a week before they had to travel their circuit again.

As Arlo grew older and older, he assumed more and more responsibility on the raft. He actually began trading with many townspeople (which he developed a reputation as a somewhat shifty but fair trader) as well as occasionally taking the helm of the raft when needed. By his late teens (considered to be older by Rafter-born standards), Arlo was close to captaining the raft himself.


The raft capsized during a stormy night on the Mississippi, with Arlo narrowly escaping drowning to death as he managed to grab a hold of a nearby floating log and drifted to the shoreline.

Personality and Appearance

Arlo's two primary physical traits were his yellowed skin and the extra digit on his left hand, the result of generations worth of mutations amongst his Rafter family. He was also known for his trademark large grin, which he tended to always crack into for no particular reason.

As for his personality, Arlo was known to be an incredibly friendly person who was willing to strike up a conversation with anybody. His kindness was also well known, as was his (oftentimes) brutal honesty. Arlo's accent, the result of growing up amongst the pigeon language of the Rafters, ended up endearing him to some strangers.

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