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"Por Dios, rey y el país!"
―Arturo Vincente Gonzalez
Arturo Vincente Gonzalez
Marcos Gonzalez 3
Date of birth:2230
Blood type:A/B
Mass:175 pds.
Occupation:Soldier, Officer, Warlord

 Born into the Gonzalez Noble line, Arturo from the day he first opened up a history textbook, wanted to join the Citadel's Army. Whether it was from want of fame or feeling of duty to the crown, Arturo proved himself to be an excellent soldier and officer, leading a small expeditionary force to take an estate controlled by members of the People's Legion. From here he would direct operations and oversee the training of his personal militia, Los Leales. Following the collapse of the Kingdom of Mexico, Arturo has carried on the fight, instead now fighting to restore the monarchy, rather than protect it.


Early Life

Arturo Vincente Gonzalez was born to Iturbide and Anita Gonzalez, two members of the Nobility of La Ciudadela. Growing up Arturo lived in luxury, enjoying a full education, a plethora of literature to read from, any meal of his choice always ready to be prepared by the Citadel's cooks and throughout his youth he developed a fierce loyalty to the King and the Kingdom that gave him the accommodations that allowed him to live in relative comfort. In his young age he watched with wide eyes as the soldiers of the King marched off to fight the enemies of the Kingdom, to expand its borders and of course to bring the poor masses of the wasteland to the relative safety of the Citadel's shantytown. Thus he began to read up on his military history, on tactics and on the great Generals of the past centuries and on his seventeenth birthday, with the support of his parents he joined the army of the Citadel. 

Early Service 

His entrance into the Citadel's armed forces led to his almost immediate promotion to the rank of Lieutenant at the head of a platoon of Citadel troopers. This sudden promotion (due to his Noble birth) was rather jarring for Arturo who fully expected to start off as a private and learn the ropes as he was slowly promoted to a command position. As his platoon went through their training, Arturo went through own kind of training, tracking down every book on tactics he could get find in the Citadel's library he tracked down and read. He quickly formed a very basic understanding of small unit tactics (extending no further than the usual, cover, advance techniques) and as he and his platoon began to go through their final week of training he tested out these tactics when training with their sister units, he found that while many of the more veteran officers could easily outwit him, he could overtake many of his compatriots using just the basic tactics he had mastered.

As he continued to study, he and the company they were assigned to were sent to Casa Roja, the primary Citadel military outpost in the area. From there they were to begin supporting Citadel operations to patrol along the Rio Grande, and along the Citadel's numerous trade routes. Leading his men on platoon sized patrols they swept through the fields of thick reeds and thickets, and the dark, and along the veiled roads that served as trade routes and excellent ambush points for Comancheros. One Comanchero that would come to plague Arturo and his unit was a man named Che San Nicolas. Che and his band of Comancheros called La Banda Roja had plagued the Citadel's various trade routes and to this point none of the various forces hunting for him had been able to catch the wily bandido. Thus as Arturo and his unit were ambushed and bushwhacked time and time again there grew a great deal of frustration which eventually led to the massacre of the village of Talon Point. The small farming and trapping village had supposedly held some sentiments towards Che and his gang of Comancheros, the truth being that Che and his men had blackmailed the village into giving them ammunition and food otherwise they'd become the next victim of their raids.

Irregardless Arturo and his platoon, after having walked into a mine left by Che and his men and losing three men to it, they had had enough. Surrounding the village they herded the populace into the center of town and promptly shot them all, bayoneting those who survived and crucifying the town's mayor on the side of his hut. The act succeeded in scaring off Che and his gang and also earning Arturo and his platoon a series of court martial. However, given the circumstances (not to mention how relieved the Citadel was to have finally ridden itself of Che) Arturo and all but three of his men were let loose. Those three who were kept were hung for having raped one of the women in village, an act that went against the grain of the Citadel's strictly Catholic beliefs. However the next step in his military career would give Arturo an introduction to the kind of war he was to fight against the People's Legion and a chance to serve under the famous Count Bartolomeo Riza.

The Sacking of Estiba de Bandido

One thing that made Bartolomeo Riza notable in the history of the Citadel was his military prowess, a trait that set him apart from his fellow Noble officers. To add Bartolomeo tended to follow a different line than many of his compatriots, Bartolomeo viewed the soldiers of the Citadel as generally sub-par soldiers and usually supplemented his force with hired mercenaries who he found usually to be tougher and more able soldiers, and usually gave the conscripts something to rally around in hard battles. Thus with a mix of conscripts and mercenaries he proved to be a rather successful commander in the field and when Arturo entered his service, he began to take note of the Count's actions.

The battle that was about to come was one of Barolomeo's masterstrokes, Arturo meanwhile had earned the Count's favor by beating him in his favorite pastime; Chess and thus he took Arturo under his wing and began to mentor him in the ways of his tactics, thus when scouts came back in reporting that they had discovered the hideout of
Count Bartolomeo Riza

Count Bartolomeo Riza

Comancheros, bandits and other ruffians that plagued the Citadel Bartolomeo saw this as an opportunity to destroy an outlaw encampment and give his pupil a test of his skills. La Estiba de Bandido or Bandit's Stow was a hideout of various thugs and low lives set in Lipan territory, and the bandits located there had been known to trade stolen items to the various tribes for firearms and ammunition they gathered off of dead corpses.

The hideout itself was a small town, set out in the scrublands and thus rather difficult to reach for all but the most determined persons. Bartolomeo and his men surrounded the town and dug in, ordering Arturo and his platoon forward, along with a second platoon on the opposite side of town. These two forces were to get into town and force the bandits and whoever else was in town out the sides and into the guns of the Citadel troopers and mercenaries setup there. The attack essentially went to plan with the various bandits and Comancheros putting up a brief fight but fleeing away from the advancing platoons and right into the guns of the other troopers. When the shooting was all over most of the outlaws lay dead or wounded in the field. The battle served to solidify Bartolomeo's reputation as an excellent tactician and gave Arturo a model from which he would base his future anti-insurgency campaign from when fighting the People's Legion.


Following their success at Bandit's Stow, Arturo was promoted to the rank of Captain by Duquel Francisco Carlitos Montoya. In attendance at the ceremony was also Iturbe and Anita Gonzalez and Count Barolomeo Riza along with the various subordinates under the Count's command. Following his promotion to Captain he was placed in command of the company his unit belonged to.

Capture of Campo Carmesi


La Guerra de La Ciudadela

Los Leales



Personality & Appearance




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