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General Information
Location:New York
Notable Individuals:
Factions:Old Lords of New York
Notable events:Battle of Bearstead (Look below)

Bearstead is a community for Old Lords citizens, it was one of the oldest known ones and was once the site of one of the founding tribes of the Old Lords. It's history spans two centuries, but this article will revolve around from when the community was first under the Old Lords Flag. Bearstead also is home to one of the largest castles of the Old Lords.


In 2295, Kernan of the Old Lords had a miniature army consisting of four annexed tribes, scouts stumbled upon an outskirts of the Bearstead Tribe. Kernan sent soldiers as messengers to the tribe, the tribe met and agreed to provide resources and men, Kernan saw it fit that he return the favor. Yeomen came to build a metal fortress that came to be known as Castle Still-Borne, stores and merchants came to sell their wares to the Yeomen boosting the local economy. Yeomen were stationed at the castle, along with dozens of citizens.

Over the course of two decades, the once home to tribals became a successful icon of the Old Lords, it was given a name that came from the tribe that originally populated the land.

Town Layout

The town has four sections that are commonly called "Quaters", the northwestern quarter is called the "Army Quarter". The Army Quarter is filled with private stores to suit the wares for Old Lord Yeomen, as in the center of the quarter is Castle Still-Borne home to over two hundred Yeomen. Gun stores are common, most have a wide array of firearms/ammo, pubs are popular here, though the most successful is the Bearstead Pub. The north-eastern quarter is called the "Tribal Quater", the most populous quarter is home to the descendants of the original tribe, though most interbred with Old Lord Citizens. They enjoy hunting and tracking animals which they sell at family-owned stores. They love tradition and commonly do rituals that Old Lord Citizens state as "either childish or savagery." The southwestern is the second most populous, commonly called "Old Lords Quater." Old Lords Quarter is home to most of the Old Lords Citizens, usually the family of the yeomen stationed at the nearby Castle. The southeastern quarter is called "Worker's Quater", the least populous this quarter is home to the more industrious people.

Castle Still-Borne




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