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Benjamin Renner
Date of birth:2245
Date of death:N/A
Mass:178 lbs.
Occupation:Raider, Bounty Hunter

Benjamin Renner is bounty hunter. He was born in a cabin outside of Little Grand in the Badlands Territory. Since the days of his youth he has roamed the wasteland serving as a gunslinger and bounty hunter for hire.


Born in 2245, He was the youngest child, his brother, Tom, being several months his senior. As the youngest, he often helped his mom with tasks and learned from his father about combat and survival in the wasteland. Ben wasn't a very independent child, unlike his brother, and stayed at home most of the time. He occasionally helped by going with his mother to market in Little Grand. It was Unknown to him that his father was actually making deals with bandits to use his land to hide their ill gotten contraband.

When he was seven years old, the sheriff ordered his father to come to the town of Little Grand to help him catch the bandits known as "The Wilson Gang". When his father refused, the Sheriff came to him and interrogated the whole family. Ben was questioned first and unwittingly admitted his father disappeared frequently during the day. Just as the Sheriff was going to arrest his father, the Wilson Gang arrived, having heard word that the Renner's may reveal them. In the following gun battle, Benjamin was kidnapped, and the last he ever saw of his family was their burning homestead.

Living Amongst Wolves

The Wilson Gang were a despicable bunch of outlaws, but they quickly became the only family Benjamin had in this hostile and cruel world. They taught him the 'finer arts' of gun slinging and knife fighting, even taught him how to survive in the wastes with nothing but the cloths on his back, a gun, and some ammo. He ran with the gang for most of his young life, letting the fact that they butchered his family fall by the wayside as he felt that this was the only family he'd ever have. He was usually halfhearted in his crimes, rarely killing victims who didn't have the means to fight back and never partaking in the sadistic torture or rape of victims. He was generally accepted by the rest of the gang as soft but dependable in a fight, and above all, trustworthy. The final aspect being a very rare thing in a gang of criminals.


The Wilson Gang terrorized the Badlands Territory for fifteen more years before they were practically annihilated by a massive group of Regulators in 2269 north of Rapid City. Only Benjamin and several others survived and they decided it was time to go their separate ways. Now alone in this world, Benjamin made a living doing the one thing he knew to do well, killing.

Life as a Bounty Hunter


Ben is a strong, built man of roughly six feet tall with blue eyes. He has gnarled black hair that is cute above his shoulders and a goatee around his lips along with five scars on his right cheek. He has a tattoo that reads "Hunter" on his back and a dagger on the center of his back.

Ben's outfit is a black dress shirt with rolled up sleeves, a brown vest with shoulder covers made of metal. He also has a bullet belt going over his chest and has a satchel leaning on his right side. He also has blue jeans and long black boots. His belt around his waist holds a Energy pistol and numerous energy cells. He also wears a Pip-Boy he bought off a Vault Dweller from Vault 52, before effectively killing him.



Northern Commonwealth

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