Bering Aviation
Bering Aviation, Bering or The Bering Company is a Pre-War American multinational corporation that designed and manufactured Fixed-Wing Aircraft, Rockets, Satellites, and advanced military Aircraft. Bering was among the largest global aircraft manufacturers and was the main competitor for defense contracts alongside Lockreed Industries.

History of The Bering Company

Bering was founded in Seattle Washington on May 9th, 1917 by Anthony Bering, a graduate student in Aeronautical Engineering. Over the years to come, the small company Bering would provide small contracts to private owners until the 1920s when a Bering aircraft entered full-time military service. In the years to come, Bering would gain more and more contracts for both private needs and contracts connected to the US Government. In the late 20th and Early 21st Centuries Bering worked in close connection with the United States Space Administration and in 2039 established the Cougar Mountain Advanced Propulsion Facility a few miles east of Seattle Washington.

Cougar Mountain

The Cougar Mountain facility is a Level 1 security Facility upon the Cougar Mountain National Park east of Seattle, Washington. It was opened on January 13th, 2039 as a joint venture by Bering and the USSA. Cougar Mountain is comparable to Lockreed's Beaver Works facility in California and has helped to develop many aircraft for use by the US Government. Post-2077, Cougar Mountain is an abandoned framework of buildings and propulsion test sites in the Seattle wasteland.

Known Aircraft

Bering 707

Bering 747

Bering 777

Bering 777 XL

Bering C-19 Planetmaster II

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