• OvaltinePatrol

    You may have noticed I just labeled several articles as stubs. All of these were drawn from the list of Orphaned Articles; articles that are not referenced anywhere else on the wiki. No article should be an island, but it shouldn't be incorporated into wider fanon if it isn't (at least likely to be) finished.

    By slapping the dreaded stub template on these articles, it should hopefully remind the authors to work on them, assuming they follow the articles at all. It will also make it easier for my fellow admins to keep tabs on these unfinished, potential gems.

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  • OvaltinePatrol


    January 23, 2012 by OvaltinePatrol

    In a transparent effort to boost activity, I've activated the chat and achievement functions.

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  • Twentyfists

    Collab Ideas

    January 2, 2012 by Twentyfists

    Who: Oval, C4, myself, MBP

    What: Post-apocalyptic settlement on the open water.

    Where: Deep Gulf of Mexico

    When: People have been living there since before the war

    Ideas: (Some of our ideas were lost by the Wastes chatlog, unfortunately. I'm trying my hardest to remember them here.)

    • Workers on an oil rig before the war survive the war, with other people from the shore flocking to the rig for safety. The rig links up with cargo ships containing canned foods.
    • Workers establish greenhouses on-site to grow plants necessary for survival (veggies and such). Hemp is grown for its food and utilitarian uses (as well as recreation).
    • Food is obtained via fishing, farming, and searching for edible saline plants, such as seaweed. Fishermen are highly appreci…
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  • OvaltinePatrol

    Design Ramblings

    December 8, 2011 by OvaltinePatrol

    I'm concerned that the fanon is trending a little post-post apocalyptic. The trend most likely has its origins in the canon lore going back to Fallout 2 but really came into fruition with Fallout: New Vegas. Fallout 3 went too far in the opposite direction with completely unsustainable "villages," of 2-6 people who's industry was "milling about aimlessly."

    My preferred take on the setting draws from the first two games: small villages radiating outward from a regional city-state, connected by caravans endangered by raiders and dangerous creatures at every turn. Of course the problem with having preferences is that this is a shared setting for fanon writing; I wouldn't want to make it a rule because everyone would want to be the one making the re…

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  • OvaltinePatrol


    November 6, 2011 by OvaltinePatrol

    Oh hey look, the contents of my freezer.

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  • OvaltinePatrol

    Stupid Crap

    October 30, 2011 by OvaltinePatrol

    New Hampshire was hit with an unseasonable noreaster. I'm snowed in on a Saturday night in OCTOBER. I just played two hours of Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura and I had enough.

    Just to while the way the time until I'm tired enough to hit the sack, I've been fooling around. Fed "Tranquility Lane," into the Sloganizer...

    1.Tranquility Lane is forever. 2.See the world with Tranquility Lane. 3.Tranquility Lane, the smart choice.

    Kind of boring. Let's try "colon cancer." 1.Colon cancer strikes back. 2.No need to worry with colon cancer. 3.Colon cancer, stay in touch.

    That's better. Let's try "steaming turd." 1.Be part of steaming turd. 2.Made by steaming turd. 3.Steaming turd - a safe place in an unsafe world!

    Not as lulzy as I thought it wo…

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  • OvaltinePatrol

    Once again, my talk page needed some sprucing up.--OvaltinePatrol 23:28, January 25, 2011 (UTC)

    Currently in the hospital for respiratory issues.--OvaltinePatrol 17:58, February 3, 2011 (UTC)

    Get well soon :) --Victor Hyde 18:01, February 3, 2011 (UTC)
    I hope you get better, OP.---Seqeu0 18:17, February 3, 2011 (UTC)
    Thank you.--OvaltinePatrol 18:20, February 3, 2011 (UTC)
    When I was a little kid, i was in the hospital ALL the time, for a plethora of reasons. I know what it's like.---Seqeu0 18:23, February 3, 2011 (UTC)

    I'll be out of town from 04/18/11 to 04/24/11 to celebrate Passover. Direct any questions or concerns to one of the other admins.--OvaltinePatrol 05:23, April 18, 2011 (UTC)

    As the weather has improved, the prospect of various act…

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  • OvaltinePatrol

    I have already posted messages on the front page and community messages, I'm posting a blog entry as well to make sure there's no reasonable excuse for any user to not know what's going on.

    Go here and start tagging images appropriately. I will be deleting uncategorized pictures soon, perhaps as soon as the next time that page refreshes, which would be tomorrow!

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  • Twentyfists

    My People

    October 5, 2011 by Twentyfists

    So, I've been in college. It's pretty fun. However, it means that, between studying, class, and recreation, I don't have a whole lot of time to devote to TL. I'd like to say that that will change in the future, but I honestly don't know. I've got exams this week and next, but I don't know beyond that. If I can find the time, I'll try and contribute more, but right now it's looking a little difficult.

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  • MichaelDiaz101

    I'm new. Hi

    August 16, 2011 by MichaelDiaz101

    Hey there. My name is Michael Diaz (real last name is Peterson but my step dad is Diaz). You wouldn't mind if I came here would you? I've been on other Fanon wikis and I enjoy writing fanfiction. Anything you really need to know about me? I was born in Long Beach California, though I am currently living in Seatle Washington. 24 years-old. Anything else?

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  • OvaltinePatrol


    August 5, 2011 by OvaltinePatrol

    I'm playing on a server that's going to reset tonight. I was making a castle which I see no point in finishing as it will be wiped out in a day or so; but I thought I would share a few images of the work in progress. It was called Schloss Totenkinder, or roughly "Castle of Dead Children" (which is probably Schloss von Totenkinder, my mastery of German is nonexistent). The name came from a story of haunting I thought up after being unable to find the various monsters I could hear moaning through certain walls at night.

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  • OvaltinePatrol

    New Shelves

    July 3, 2011 by OvaltinePatrol

    Got five sets of three-high shelves in the home office. I've been able to bring some semblance to the previously unused (except for storage) room. It's nice to get my gaming stuff together, I just need to track it all down. It's a thing of beauty :D

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  • Shishkabob9000

    The New Union

    June 30, 2011 by Shishkabob9000

    Greetings civies! I am a marine in the New Union. "Whats the New Union?" you ask. Well, this informative blog should answer many of your questions.

    History: The New Union was once a part of the Enclave, but after we heard of the Presidents plan to kill everybody on the mainland, about one third left which was in about 2241. Since then we became the New Union.

    Population: We have about 58,000 civilians, and a military of about 10,000 soldiers.

    Technology: We have continued to advance technology which is not common in the Wastes.

    Military: We have reestablished all five branches of our military and actively engage hostile forces within the continental United States territories.

    -Army: The Army mainly uses mark 3 holorifles and combat knives made …

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  • OvaltinePatrol

    There's an interesting channel on YouTube, I've come across. Here's an upload of their particularly apropos to TL: Survival Under Atomic Attack 1951.

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  • OvaltinePatrol

    Tsk tsk

    June 10, 2011 by OvaltinePatrol

    So rather than using the Upload a new version of this file button to update pictures commissioned from me; people uploaded the edits as entirely new pictures. This has placed my originals in the unused image bank, which I'm trying to clear out. As I don't think I should delete my versions, here's a passive-aggressive gallery.

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  • OvaltinePatrol


    June 10, 2011 by OvaltinePatrol

    If you plan on taking character screen shots in Fallout 3 or Fallout: New Vegas you should snag the Readius mod. Functionally the mod replaces the Pipboy with a hand-held device. This is handy for screen captures as most characters in the wasteland aren't sporting a Pipboy.

    The New Vegas version can be found here.

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  • OvaltinePatrol

    It's been brought to our attention that a number of our images aren't licensed and this could potentially lead to trouble. I'm not too familiar with the subject; but I guess if you didn't create the image, if it isn't from wikipedia or in the public domain; then you need to put attribution in the file page. I've been putting links to my sources for the non-wiki, non-screenshot images that I've uploaded. You should all start doing the same.

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  • Victor Hyde

    Texan Terrors!

    May 17, 2011 by Victor Hyde

    Well since Bram, Grutt, and Andrew are going to the Four Seasons to stop or help those dastardly twins, its time we fleshed out its ecosystem.

    • Blood Geckos: Descendants of Horned toads who under went a mutation similar to geckos, these suckers squirt their fucking blood at people from their eyes and have great camoflauge! Dont worry they usually eat roaches and ants....
    • Jaguars: They are mostly the same but this time a little bulker, agressive and hunt in pairs! These babies are apex predators of texas so watch out!
    • Deathwings: Descendants of bald eagles who were gene spliced for millitary covert ops (Such as spying and stealth attacks) they are the Deathclaws of the sky and have talons that can cut a bayou lurker!
    • Jackalopes: Jack rabbit…
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  • OvaltinePatrol

    The Old Man's Back Again

    The Arceneaux Twins are collectors and scientists, and The Eldest happens to be relevant to their interests. The twins are prepared to pay to have the old ghoul brought to them, safe and sound. Five thousand in Armory Scrip and barter or Ten thousand in surgery and medical attention. The ghoul doesn't seem to want to be found, and someone is more than happy to help him stay lost. The twins hired guns will have to venture beyond the relative safety of west Texas, through the tribal warzone of Sweetsteppes and the horror of Four Seasons and beyond to find their quarry.

    The Old Man's Back Again is an upcoming roleplay on the wiki, the first proposed since the reboot. It will be set in 2281, prior to the Second Battle of…

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  • OvaltinePatrol

    I want this.

    May 1, 2011 by OvaltinePatrol

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  • Run4urLife!

    Talk Page Backup

    March 25, 2011 by Run4urLife!

    Please can you help me,because on my computer pictures simply dont post. I dont know why most probably a virus, but still can you help me?OmagaSpruz 10:56, June 20, 2010 (UTC

    ThanksOmagaSpruz 17:14, June 21, 2010 (UTC)

    I'd like to eventually create an RP around the Northeast using some of the stuff I've been creating, possibly going down into New Jersey from New York. I know that there was a previous adventure there. Where would I find it (so it can be unified). Also - what would be the procedure to begin an RP page? --Osbo 16:00, October 1, 2009 (UTC)

    First I'll need a run-through of what's going to be done in the RP, as a general idea of the plot and story arc (when we gave certain people free reign, things rapidly went from storytelling to…

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  • Victor Hyde

    Well i will soon start creating locations in kentucky after a article set in New Memphis and 1 more creature page.

    My Goals for it are...

    1. To make it an apex predator
    2. puts up an above average fight
    3. Make it quick
    4. minorly aggressive to humans
    5. Expalin its orgins and behavior
    6. explain its effects on the wasteland
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  • Victor Hyde

    Bourbon Runner

    March 21, 2011 by Victor Hyde

    Four Bourbon runners walked along the Dark Tennessee Wasteland,at 11 o clock pm.

    Bert(B): (Stoping) i cant fucking move another fucking step, with this god damn pack on my back!

    Ed(E): (slowing down) Get the Fuck up! We gotta make this shipment tomorrow!


    Ryan(R) Oh yeah that'll get them moving again...

    J: Shut up! Im incharge here!

    B: we're making camp now.

    R: Fine...

    (4 hours later)

    E: Whats? that noise?!

    J: Fuck man Tindalos...

    R:Shit! Bert get ready man!

    R: Bert?

    E: Bert...(looks in Bert's tent) Fuck! he's..He's Dead man...

    J:lets scram...

    (they leave camp)

    E: I knew we should'nt have went along Riddlers park...

    R: lets get this shipment to New memphis... tonight, or we dont get paid.

    J:We'll go through …

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  • Victor Hyde

    well ima gonna work on collabs starting with Golgoth. the first part of the collabs is the Renton Shaft Devil.

    • It will be a large Bat, found in Renton and other areas.
    • Feeds on blood and Radroaches
    • can infect meat with Neuro toxins (Thanks C4)
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  • Twentyfists


    March 12, 2011 by Twentyfists

    Putting down ideas so I don't forget them.


    • Post-apocalyptic Jews (Chizuk Amuno, perhaps?)
    • Bookish community at JHU?
    • Stemmer's Run (water merchants)
    • Swingers (name pending) (group devoted to ideals of 1920s, Patterson theater)
    • Unnamed scavenge-oriented town on East side
    • Natty Boh plant -> Local type of beer
    • Others:
      • Opera house
      • Fort McHenry
      • Industrial section


    • Silas reboot (Louisiana, map-making, mercenary)
    • Point Pleasant (Mothman plays some role here)
    • Caintucks (self-explanatory)
    • Atlanteans (live in commune, trying to build submarine to join "Atlantis")
    • Communist Union Organization in mines (think IWW, "16 Tons" is rallying song)
    • Coastal Pirates around Gulf of Mexico
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  • Victor Hyde
    • Little Rock, Arkansas has become a free every man for himself type of city, held in order by the local gangs
    • Arkansas Museum of Discovery is now a major education area
    • Many survivalist stores where opened there by Stan and Marley Hunting Co., which allowed many people to stock up on weapons and supplies
    • Hot Springs National Park is a major trade hub with its "Mystical waters"
    • the Arkansas Delta hass many farms owned by "Weavers" which produce a new form of cotton known as "Hellvar"
    • Blanchard Springs Caverns are filled with an extremely large amount of ghouls

    • Still producing bourbon,corn and tobacco
    • now has "Kentucky Glow Grass"
    • Has many abandoned car factories used as trading hubs
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  • Seqeu0


    March 3, 2011 by Seqeu0

    I'm planning to rewrite ALL of my articles based in Tennessee, to provide a more fleshed out region. Currently, all of my articles in Tennessee are a bit too close to each other, and I was thinking about removing some articles, like the Black Ruin Caravan and The Hive, and then spread my new articles a bit further along the state. I will do Nashville as well, although I'm currently at the loss of ideas. I'm hoping this will improve my articles in some way and make it possible for other writers to place their character in Tennessee.

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  • Twentyfists

    Chat Archive 2

    February 17, 2011 by Twentyfists
    • See User blog:Twentyfists/Chat Archive 1 for my old talk page.

    we ever gonna finish the pitt? --Brengarrett 23:49, 6 May 2009 (UTC)

    Not today. I'm too sick to RP. Possibly tomorrow or this weekend. --Twentyfists 23:51, 6 May 2009 (UTC)

    Well this Week end I will be busy most likly, I got Prom, and on Sunday i will be sore from the dancing (trust me I can dance) and saturday is prep work. But it's cool, peace out --Brengarrett 23:53, 6 May 2009 (UTC)

    In my single greatest moment of Internet Incompetence I have failed to realize that the AWA appears directly on your user page. I deleted my former comments from the talk page and have copied my question here. (My question is if I can create a character who's affiliated with the AWA? I feel like I n…

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  • OvaltinePatrol

    Uncategorized Images

    February 15, 2011 by OvaltinePatrol

    I recently slogged through the entire archive of uncategorized images and slapped the images category on them all. Some of them are still showing up on the list of uncategorized images after both automatic and manual cache refreshing. What gives?

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  • Victor Hyde

    This will be daily updated

    Character Name: The name of the your character in the world.

    Character Stats:The SPECIAL of your character. (All together this will add to 40.)

    Character Race: The race of your character. (Human, Ghoul)

    Approx. age: Your characters age.

    Character Personality: The personality your character has out in the wastes. At least two paragraph.

    Character Appearance: What your character looks like. Describe, and if you want to, post a picture. Please make your written description be at least be three paragraphs.

    Starting equipment: Basic, level one weapon and armor. You only get one set of armor, but you can have two different weapons. (A knife and a rifle, for example) if they are all relatively small (A knife, some grenades, an…

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  • Victor Hyde

    In the shadow of the valley I would like to hunt you down Great vantage space Bullets in your face

    A distant horizon The a target on your breast In the shadow of the valley That s out west

    You have always ran form me And ill always will be there Sarge bush and Hines Old friends of mine

    A little bit further ill snipe you the best In the shadow of the valley Thats out west


    I have kill many foes But they're all the same to me Now I've found Where to put them down

    A little bit further I'll hit your chest In the shadow of the valley Thats out west

    In the shadow of the valley Thats out west

    Wasteland Records(Sam Price)

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  • OvaltinePatrol

    Talk Page Archive II

    January 25, 2011 by OvaltinePatrol

    My talk page was a bit of a mess.--OvaltinePatrol 20:39, July 29, 2010 (UTC)

    Just got out of the hospital this afternoon. I'm going to rest up (and get to beating New Vegas) before I work on the reboot in earnest.--OvaltinePatrol 18:17, October 22, 2010 (UTC)

    Going to be out of town from 10/22/11 - 10/29/11. If you need something, bring it to the attention of one of the other admins.--OvaltinePatrol 16:46, November 20, 2010 (UTC)

    I was gonna tag them for deletion but I'll just link this here. Those articles go nowhere and need to be deleted :3. Composite 4

    The following articles need to be deleted but rather than go through the process of tagging them and being asked a series of questions I'll just list them here with a reason:

    Med-Tek and Gerr…

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  • Seqeu0

    Post-apocalyptic map

    January 24, 2011 by Seqeu0

    I'll be working on a map to show the trade routes in post-apocalyptic Tennessee. If anyone perhaps knows somewhere, a website or something, where i could make one or has any suggestions, I would appreciate it. If not, I'll be drawing one.

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  • Victor Hyde

    John Dunn was on patrol in the capital wasteland. His squad was killed in a horrible Fat man accident. The blast minimaly injured him. He approached Rivert city. This is the curious dialouge that was spoken.

    John: i need help.

    Security: No

    John:(Worried) Why?!

    Security: Isnt it obvious?

    John:What do you Mean?

    Security: Your Enclave.

    John: its not like im evil.

    Security: Yes you are.

    John:(Shocked) How...How Did you know!?

    Security:Dude every time some one goes near you guys you start shooting them.

    John: Name one example.

    Security:This morning.

    John: what happened?

    Security: An enclave soldier attempted murder on a Rivert City Citizen.

    John:Admit it you Hate me.


    John:And thats why your charging me with Attempted murder.

    Security:Well it…

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  • Victor Hyde

    Big buzz

    January 23, 2011 by Victor Hyde

    Operation Big Buzz was a U.S. military entomological warfare field test conducted in the U.S. state of Georgia in 1955. The tests involved dispersing over 300,000 yellow fever mosquitoes from aircraft and through ground dispersal methods.

    [hide]*1 Operation

    • 2 Results
    • 3 See also
    • 4 References

    Operation Big Buzz occurred in May 1955 in the U.S. State of Georgia. The operation was a field test designed to determine the feasibility of producing, storing, loading into munitions, and dispersing from aircraft the yellow fever mosquito (Aedes aegypti).[1] The second goal of the operation was to determine whether the mosquitoes would survive their dispersion and seek meals on the ground.[1] Around 330,000 uninfected mosquitoes were dropped from aircraft in…

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  • Victor Hyde

    Head Shot By The Number

    January 23, 2011 by Victor Hyde

    Headshots by the number Kils by the score Every day I shoot less Each day you shoot more

    Yes, I've got head shots by the number A war that I can't win But the day that I stop sniping That's the day my world will end

    Head shot number one was when you shot me you never knew I could hurt you that way And headshot number two Was when your gang came back again They came back but they never stayed

    Yes, I've got Headshots by the number Kills by the score Every day i hold my breath Each day you breath no more

    Yes, I've got head by the number A war that I can't win But the day that I start aiming That's the day your world will end

    Head shot number three was when you called me gay And said that you were gonna make me pay With watchful eye, I waited for y…

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  • Victor Hyde

    Wastleland Holotapes

    January 22, 2011 by Victor Hyde

    New Remixes of Classics based on the wasteland life are avalible such as...

    1. Headshots by the number- Samuel Price
    2. Dead hearts and violent people-Bram Harcker
    3. A wonderful ghoul-The Eldest
    4. Into Your Life Pain Will Fall-Bram Harcker
    5. Everyone Goes-Nameless Psyco Path
    6. Crappy Times-Weston Foster
    7. In The Shadow of The Valley Id Like To Hunt You Down-
    8. Single,Strangle,Single-The Lady Killer
    9. Ain't That A Shot To The Head?-Samuel Price
    10. Some One's Gonna Give-Geoge Price

    look for these hits on sale now!! (2 payments of 29 Caps)

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  • Victor Hyde

    Bram's diary 4

    January 16, 2011 by Victor Hyde

    There i was, with a bunch of 2 bit raiders trying to take out a bigger group of raiders. More importantly i was totally checking out this chick named manitcore...but applebottom wanted to chat.(dammn)

    AB(apple bottom): look if we want to survive this mission we better stick together

    Me: you dont look that tough

    AB: well you look like the "Grim Raper" by the way your staring at manticore's chest!

    Me: i still look badass though!

    Applebottom tried to kick me so i straffed right and grabbed his heel

    Me:nice try old man.

    AB: Well, your a quick one.

    Me: i know.

    Applebottom quickly pulled a 10mm to my face,as soon as i knocked the safety on.

    AB: you never let down your guard, Do you?

    Me: never again.

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  • Victor Hyde

    Plans and thoughts

    January 15, 2011 by Victor Hyde

    here are plans for the future and some crazy ideas and they are...

    1. a hotel in texas or arkansas themed on a carnival that has ghoulifed clowns and an insane clown worshiping cult. (true evil!!!!)
    2. expand on memphis zoo, reduce the animal amount, and explain that low tech AI ment something like Vic from NV
    3. Dragon cult
    4. horses
    5. Horses(again)
    6. create weshis some time next month
    7. create the 3 tribes of nocturnals in tennessee(eagle,bat,wolf)
    8. create Bables
    9. the razors(desendants from an asylum)
    10. The Carnivores(see weshis)
    11. Grease Monkeys, gang that created stripped down cars and motor cycles that run on pig shit( like in beyond thunder dome)
    12. Devil mouths , mutant Komodo dragons
    13. Rexs,hunched backed mutants with deformed arms.(arms like the small one on a charger fro…
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  • Seqeu0

    My plans

    January 15, 2011 by Seqeu0

    Once I'm done with my WIPs and have cleaned up some of my other articles, I'm going to concentrate on a small region in Canada. If anyone has any comments or ideas, go ahead and post them.

    So, here's a summary of my plans: First, I'll finish my articles in Tennessee. Second, create some articles in Canada. Third, maybe create a faction in New York City. Fourth, start with Europe.

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  • Twentyfists


    January 14, 2011 by Twentyfists

    For most of this past week, I've been working in the Senate of the Maryland General Assembly as a page. There was no internet. I'm back now.

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  • OvaltinePatrol

    My Current Plan II

    January 14, 2011 by OvaltinePatrol

    After I finish my current WIPs I will need to make an article for the Royaume and possibly a separate one for the Gendarmerie. I will also need to think up some stuff for what I will call the "Unapproachable Florida," (including recreating Aquaculture) series of article and make some more stuff for Four Seasons. Beyond that I'm at a bit of a loss, I may slow down on my own article creation and make myself available for collaborations and corrective editing.

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  • Seqeu0


    January 13, 2011 by Seqeu0

    I think I'm just too lazy to look this up, so I thought I'd ask you guys. I'm looking for a place in the U.S. where it snows frequently, and I'd also like to know how snowy conditions could possibly survive a nuclear war. This will be for an article about a region with lots of snow.

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  • Twentyfists

    Attention Mortals

    January 10, 2011 by Twentyfists

    I walk the earth again. The world as you know it is at an end.

    My last college application was sent earlier this week. I have scholarship stuff to do, but I should finally be getting my activity up again.

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  • Victor Hyde

    Apple Bottom's Log

    January 8, 2011 by Victor Hyde

    Well now ive decided that other characters should have POVs so heres apple bottom's

    Well this is just peachy, im waiting for the other seven Carnivores to return.Wait! there here finally! Manticores back with 2 more Kittens. Theres uhh... didnt really care for group 2 so i didnt bother to learn there names, there with some tall cloaked guy. lets see theres 5,5,3 ahh... yes 13 people here! We gotta take down 20 raiders, great. Time for a check list. Yours truly. Check. 10nameless Carnivores. Check. An attractive Dj/Carnivore named Manticore. Check. Finally 1 Tall Cloaked Man who is looking at Manticore's "Equipment". Check. This is going to go well, in 6 hours most of us are going to be dead. The 20 raiders are going to slaughter mo…

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  • Run4urLife!


    January 8, 2011 by Run4urLife!

    Maybe? Hopefully I'll get back into activity here. Can't say I'm back 100%. This year's gonna be busy with college and whatnot.

    But here's to a healthy return.

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  • Victor Hyde

    going on vacation i might be able to check in there.

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  • Victor Hyde

    Bram's diary 3

    January 7, 2011 by Victor Hyde

    well just arrived in Weshis, im gonna scavenge around for some ammo for my 12.7 mm pistol i only got a few clips so i want to stock up now and try it out. while looking through the wastes i heard strange noises from the sewers, and i took a peak in and saw strange redish purple hunched backed, and slimy mutants. one seemed to notice me and look at me in wonder( chances are they never seen a Nocturnal before in a tattered cloak and riot armor). after 30 secs things got uncomfortable so i mozyed away from that man hole. while walking i was spotted by a raider, who was suprised to see me based on the fact he said "What the Fuck is that? A Fucking Vampire?" quickly i dashed into a old mini mart and dived behind the counter. The raider and 2 of…

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  • Seqeu0

    New York questionq

    January 7, 2011 by Seqeu0

    I was wondering...does any of the senior editors who will be coming back soon have any plans with New York City? I have read some things about a Manhattan Order of Steel, which is kind of weird. Wouldn't NYC be bombed to complete destruction, since its one of the biggest cities in the western hemisphere?

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  • Victor Hyde

    Bram diary 2

    January 6, 2011 by Victor Hyde

    uhhhh... work was sooooooooo boring! Price hides inside all day!!! when his advisors got him out for a walk he freaked out and i had to carry him back inside, this job is a hellova lot tougher than i thought it was! todays my day off i realise i should date my diaries, im heading to Weshis ill write some more in a few hours......

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