"Red thinks he's so goddamned funny..."
―Knight-Commander Jerad, Head of Cherry Point
Brotherhoof of Steel
Brotherhoof's Mask
Date of birth:2283
Occupation:Knight Red's trusty steed

Brotherhoof of Steel is the personal horse of Knight Red of the North Carolina Brotherhood of Steel. Taken as a foal from Shackleford Island, Brotherhoof of Steel was raised in Cherry Point to be a method of transportation for Knight Red as he traveled between the various Brotherhood holdings in thread term NC ruins.

Knight Red immediately named the horse with a silly name, much to the scorn of his superiors. However, Knight Red has a reputation for not taking things as seriously as he should, making his choice of name for his mount very characteristic of him. If not for his skill as a soldier, his superiors would have shot it long ago.



Brotherhoof of Steel was born shortly after the NC Brotherhood of Steel arrived. Found by Red, an initiate at the time, the horse was taken from his herd and raised from a young age by Red and his friends, intending to use them to quickly travel between The Campus and Cherry Point.


"Red, you need to change your horse's name or Jerad might actually kill you"
―Knight Lawrence, NC Brotherhood of Steel

Immediately seeing the pun in his organization's name, Red named his horse Brotherhoof of Steel. According to his squad mates, he spent the entire boat ride back to Cherry Point giggling to himself. His superiors were entirely unamused, but allowed him to keep his horse's name, hoping it would occupy his time and sense of humor.

He and his friends spent quite a while training the horses, though Red enjoyed making horse puns anywhere near his horse, so they would avoid him of at all possible. The incessant humor especially irritated Knight-Paladin Jerad, who was known for his stern sense of humor. However, the horse had a strategic advantage, so he allowed Red to continue raising the horse, though he ordered the horse puns to cease.


After years of training, Brotherhoof of Steel was ready to be taken into the wasteland. Initiate Red used his steed on several recon missions and supply runs. In addition, he created a saddle for the horse with mounted turrets, though these tended to scare the horse, resulting in Red uninstalling them. He then created armor for his horse.

In 2285, Red and the other scouts were ambushed by a group of raiders near Washington, NC. The ambush quickly killed the other horses, though Red and Brotherhoof of Steel both saved their entire squad. Moreover, he and his horse tracked the raiders down to their hideouts and killed them. For saving the lives of his squad, Red was made a Knight of the NC Brotherhood of Steel and was given power armor.

Stallion of Steel

While Red was happy to have Power Armor, he was too heavy for the horse to carry him. Instead, he donated Brotherhoof of Steel to Cherry Point for the recon corps to use in missions. However, he gave Brotherhoof of Steel an upgrade to his armor, allowing him to travel long distances in the armor without fatigue. He has considered giving the horse artificial ankles so Brotherhoof of Steel could support his weight in the power armor, yet none of the scribes are willing to help him.

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