Brutus of Denver
Date of birth:2245
Occupation:Caesar's Legion

Centurion Brutus of Denver (also "Centurion Brutus the Magnus") is a Centurion in Legate Jigatahi's Legion and one of Jigatahi's most trusted soldiers. His bravery and trustworthiness in battle have proven him worthy enough to be sent to eliminate the "scum" of Boise.


Brutus was born in 2245 into the Blackfoot tribe. He was raised by his mom until Caesar's Legion was official created, then he was trained by his father and other Legion instructors. He was raised not only as a warrior, but was also trained into scouting, strategy and tactics. Brutus was raised in a small town outside of Denver where they lived with some Sun Dog tribals. The town was secluded which gave Brutus room to practice and be trained without distraction. At the age of twenty one (2267), Brutus (along with his squad) were sent to Utah to eliminate a raider tribe in the area. Brutus was higher ranked than most of his squad at the time, but was not the head of it. The squad consisted of seven legionaries (eight counting Brutus) and was originally deployed on the Utah-Arizona border. They left off thinking that eight soldiers were enough to take on "another" radier tribe. Upon arrival into the area, a base camp was set up to coordinate operations and have shelter for the great attack that would take place the next morning. As the camp was set up, a great raider ambush was set and attacked the squad unexpectedly. Their squad leader was not prepared to send patrols out before, nor was the area fully surveyed by Legion explorers.

The squad successfully repelled the ambush with only two wounded and their squad leader dead from a bullet wound. This left Brutus in charge of the squad and the rest of the operation. Though the raiders expected them to cure the wounded and patrol the area, Brutus had three legionaries traverse up the mountain to strike back. Upon reaching a cave and a gate, they found the raiders curing the wounded, defended their position, and moving into the cave. Brutus had his men attack with no show of mercy. After leaving no survivors outside the cave, he had his men flush through the cave, killing anyone but the few women. After securing the cave (with only one wounded), Brutus found out that the cave was actually a small base for them to strike at caravans and Legion patrols. The death toll at this cave was over fourteen raiders. The supply cave gave them supplies and ammunition. Instead of calling for reinforcements, Brutus had his men rest for the night and had them disassemble the camp. Around fpur in the morning, they continued to the main raider base on a map from inside the cave.

The cave gave them weaponry also finding that the raiders were well equipped with Pre-war weaponry. Though they usually stick with melee or small arms, with little men Brutus used the weapons to eliminate the threat. Brutus had found the raider base with little men but sandbags, fencing, and small towers. The weapon cache also gave them a grenade launcher with rounds of grenades. They used this and shot the towers, the entrance, and over the fencing onto the buildings, which gave them a great advantage. He along with three soldiers stormed through the entrance while the others went to the rear entrance. The soldiers with Brutus slaughtered the raiders one by one while occasionally charging with their machetes. The raiders began to retreat from the rear but the legionaries placed landmines outside the entrance. The raiders found that out the hard way, but the mines cut off their retreat and soon the legionaries ambushed them while Brutus and his three men came from the rear creating a attack from four sides. The surrendering raiders were enslaved and taken to the cages in the raider fort (which Brutus took control of). The raiders had a great supply of slaves which were all now in the Legions possession.

He finally radioed command from the captured fort and told them the entire story. Not only did reinforcements come, but a frumentari speaking for Caesar came to talk to Brutus. Caesar was amazed in this victory and thought that he deserved a "promotion". After returning to Flagstaff, Brutus was promoted to Centurion and was given the title of Denver to represent his technical home (distance from it) and due to the fact that the main source of Legion Mongrels (which are a helpful resource and weapon of the Legion) are generated from here representing Brutus as a major soldier and resource to the Legion. Brutus was given modified Legion explorer armor (aka Legion Centurions explorers armor) for his work in stealth and scouting and honorary regular Centurion armor. He was soon placed with Legate Jigatahi's Legion to assist in the invasion of Boise.


Brutus weaponry varies depending on the mission. On scouting missions, he will have a short machete and a hunting rifle along with modified-specially made centurion explorers gear. On a mission (fight), he will wear his centurion gear along with a machete and a gun.

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