General Information
Location:Badlands Territory
Current status:a benign tumor

A once radical settlement of dissidents and political enemies from nearby Mobridge, BurnBridge has become just another den of savagery in the Badlands since it's conquest by raiders.


BurnBridge would be created as a shantytown by those forced of Mobridge by the nascent Merchants Guild, mostly the independent-minded and those who refused the offer to join. Plans were initially formed to storm the town back, but the lack of organization lead to the temporary shantytown becoming permanent. Many would leave in the decades following the towns creation, those who stayed carved a miserable existence scavenging, unable or unwilling to move. To compound their troubles, a band of raiders set their eyes on the small settlement in 2279.

They walked into the center of BurnBridge and declared their rule of it without firing a shot, most residents not even owning a firearm. The raiders looted what valuables there was to be had and picked their quarters, using the town as a base to raid the caravans from nearby Mobridge. Despite a few skirmishes and the death of the raider lord Maher, the town continues to scrape by in 2287, as desperate as ever.


BurnBridge previously got by one scavenging and occasionally stealing a crate from the caravans passing by. It now sees chems and stolen goods pass hands more often, it's resident raiders not carrying for business plans.


BurnBridge was at first a jungle of the strong, with several groups forming for mutual protection. when raiders took the settlement in 2279 however, they decided to stay and set themselves in power. Their word is the law and anyone is free to do as long as they don't cross the rulers. The raiders used to ruled by a man named Maher, but after his death in 2281 They have been run by Sally.


The settlement spans two blocks on the Northeast side of the Mobridge Ruins. The buildings are run-down suburban homes, with a handful of new shacks here and there. The raiders have claimed the best structures as their own, leading to a small tent camp on the edge of the town.