"Cattle. Much better than brahmin or long pig."
―Carnivore Company mercenary
Carnivore Company
Carnivore Company
Political Information
Leader:Marion Piper
Motto:"Where's the Beef?"
Societal Information
Location(s):Corpse Coast
Historical Information
Policy Information
Goals:Money and Beef
Enemies:Four Clans of Corpse Coast
A small but notorious mercenary company, Carnivore Company has made quite a reputation for itself on the Corpse Coast. This is mostly stems from rumors claiming the Company is a front or a splinter faction of the Cannibal Court and the Company's well known love of meat, strange or otherwise. However, this does not stop many in Texas from hiring Carnivore Company, as they usually are quick and efficient, if bloody.


Carnivore Company's founding is shrouded in mystery. All that is known for sure is that they were founded in 2270 by Marion Piper, a newbie to the mercenary scene. At the time, the Company had little equipment and most of the members were very green.

However, after they accepted their first job offer from the slavers in the Lexxx against the Annaville Reds, the rumors began to pop up. Bodies turned up in Annaville missing body parts and soon afterward, the smell of roasting meat came from Carnivore Company's camp. Not many thought more of it, as the badlanders and some mercenary bands occasionally did the same thing. However, as Carnivore Company began to take more jobs, they usually got the job done, but the smell of roasting meat continued to waft from their camp and their reputation was set in stone.

In 2275, some of sides of beef from Cattle Country made their way to Carnivore Company's camp for the first time. This brought some new ideas into the Company and cattle-eaters started to become more common. Soon, beef became almost an addiction to many in the company and much of their profits were turned towards buying this luxury meat. This did not detract from Carnivore Company's reputation, but changed their actual actions quite a bit. Today, they continue to take jobs on the Corpse Coast, mostly from the Four Clans and value beef above other foods.


  • Marion Piper - Founder and leader of the company
  • Zachary Bell - Second in command, lieutenant (killed in Battle of Thompson's Crossing)
  • Damion Greg - Company cook and flamer specialist
  • Jebediah Micajah - Energy weapons specialist, disfigured swamper
  • Hacks-like-Deathclaw - Tribal medic, field surgeon

Activities & Interests

Carnivore Company takes jobs from most of the Four Clans of Corpse Coast and often change sides as they see fit. However, the Company is willing to take jobs from clients outside the Corpse Coast if it's worth their time.



"Boys eat worse than the swampers"
―Stumps Hraw, leader of the Pounder Boys as he looks over a campsite
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