• ScienceGuy44

    Figured I'd make a blog post about what I've seen on the wiki as, whether this is just me and me alone or others, a severe lack of articles about, drum roll please...


    The Atomic Age; We Need Pre-War Technology!

    See, just hear me out here; pre-war technology pages are touchy subjects, definitely. Admins are, rightfully, careful in allowing robot and other technology-related pages on the wiki. No one, quite rightly, wants to see shit like an army of sentient, 30-foot tall robots built by a single chap in his garden shed in an morning mere minutes before the Great War that suddenly conquers half of the US in the space of three paragraphs and the world in two. However, there are plenty of content creators on this wiki who, if given half a chance, can and indeed have come up with wonderful pieces on pre-war technological wonders; from the banal and mundane to the supremely advanced and awe-inspiring. From CarthAntilles' Executive Motors company, ad…

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  • MongoosePirate

    The Life and Legend of Bren Tenkage

    In this blog, MongoosePirate, a history buff with way too much time on his hands, will look over some of the more colorful content that has graced this wiki in the past ranging from impractical weapons to impractical spin-offs of canon groups. Not all of these pages were bad, but all of them were deleted for one reason or another. Let's dive in...

    Today, we look at a character whose time on this site was short but his shadow long. I am, of course, speaking of Bren Tenkage. The half-Asian, half-ghoul, very smart, very fit merc with a heart of gold. For about a year, Bren and his posse of companions plagued the wiki with their various weird and unexplained actions until they met a "grisly" end. But we'll get to that later.

    Bren Tenkage was "joined the action" on February 22, 2009, created by User:Brengarrett. Bren Tenkage was not just a Fallout Mary Sue, he was THE Fallout Mary Sue. Let's get the list:

    • Born in the Enclave but not part of the Enclave (Born t…
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  • Sylandro

    Guess who's back.

    June 2, 2017 by Sylandro

    Yeah, i'm back from like a year-long hiatus. Expect new pages soon, and well, some zany shit you'd expect from Fallout!

    On another note, i recently got back into Fallout, i had New Vegas and Fallout 3 downloaded on steam for awhile now, decided to play it, and i'm really enjoying it so far. I think New Vegas is a lot more better and "coherent" than Fallout 3, in my own opinion. Fallout 3 is decent, but it's just meh in my own opinion. Weapons degrade way too quickly in Fallout 3 though.

    Anyway, see you soon.

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