Chabola Gris
Chabola Gris
General Information
Location:The Highlands
Current status:Falling Apart
"Stock up at Chabola Gris, once you pass it you're on you're on your own until you're out of the Highlands, or so you better hope. Just be careful about the two guys running the place."
―Isabella Menendez
A former filling station on an old dirt road about thirty miles from Pezonera, Chabola Gris is a general store that marks the northern border of the Tamaulipas Highlands and Cattle Country. Tended to by a pair of cousins, the station offers traders and travelers a chance to stock up on ammunition, weapons, medical supplies, food, and water before venturing into the hills and mountains. However as is always the case in this mysterious region, things are never as they seem...


The old gas station that would be nicknamed Chabola Gris was opened up in 2068 and promptly out of business due to the rising cost of fuel in pre-War Mexico. The building remained abandoned when the bombs fell, picked over by scavengers, it wouldn't see new life until 2254 when two cousins, Pablo, and Perez Espejo found the place as a shelter from the rain. They took a liking to the little building and stayed there a day or two until they saw a caravan passing by.

Lost and clueless, this caravan from Border Country was alone and guarded by only one man. The two cousins, former mercenaries who had spent two years hunting for gold in the Sierra Madres decided that they'd rob the outfit and proceeded to do so by posing as merchants and luring the caravan in under the awning of the station before shooting the caravaneers in the back.

After doing so they salvaged what they could and proceeded to engage in their ghastly habit of cannibalism, eating the woman and three men who made the caravan up to satisfy their evil cravings. Content, they waited some more in the station and realized it was on a road with decent foot traffic. They familiarized themselves with the area and waited for more to pass by.

To this day, they trade gear to those traveling into the Highlands, the last stop before entering the real uninhabited no man's land that the Sierra Madres are. Equipped with guns, supplies, and armor, they make Chabola Gris a well-stocked general store with reasonable prices.

Notably well-armed, the Espejo cousins sell most anything to people traveling through but with ulterior motives. On many occasions does someone pass through Chabola Gris and look appetizing to the cannibals who will normally then track said traveler down on the road at night, shoot him in the back, and haul him back to the shack to become their next meal. A well-kept but ghastly secret. While the Espejos don't cannibalize most people, and never attack groups, these two sociopaths have found a place in the world where sadly, they fit right in.