" WELCOME TO CHAMBERLAND!! Home of the Central Badlands Trade Company, please come in, come in! Take a load off at Smythes Bar and Grill, where the food is good and the beer is cheap! Lookin for work? head on down to the Caravan Market and ask around. "
―Chamberland Greeter

Chamberland is a small town built from the ruins of old Chamberlain, and is centered around the Caravan Market, which sits right next to the bridge across the Misery Riva.

The Town Proper

Chamberlands shops and houses are made from or in the ruins of preexisting buildings. The town is set up around the Caravan Market, where traders from all over the Southern Badlands can go to sell their wares, and usually find additional security. There are four roads into Chamberland, ole I90, which is a direct lifeline from east to west. And the Smaller SD 50, that runs North to south. Entrance into the walled community requires a 3 cap entrance fee, and the surrendering of all firearms outside the town. Guns are returned at the end of ones stay, usually with a free cleaning included. The closer you get to the Market, the nicer the towns buildings get, and the louder it gets as well. Overlooking the Market, up a side road, sits the headquarters of The Central Badlands Trade Company, as well as the private residence of Henry Smythe, the mayor of Chamberland, and Director of the CBTC.

The Gateway to Anywhere

The main reason for Chamberlands success is location. It sits Right on I90, a major artery for the southern badlands, and Chamberland happens to boast two bridges across the Misery Riva. After his arrival several years back, Henry Smythe went about setting up his trade hub, secured a near by marina so that his company could take part in the River Trade.

The Safest Place in the Badlands

Henry Smythe likes to think that his Trade Hub is one of the most secure places in the Badlands, the FSV and Deadwood besides. The reason for this thought process is that Chamberland is a fortress. Walls made from the crushed and stacked remains of cars circle the entire town, and the only ways in are covered by watchtowers day and night. Outside the walls of Chamberland, every tree and bush has been scoured away for a quarter mile in any direction, and the few copses of trees left are booby trapped.

The Town is defended by the Chamberland Militia, local volunteers all, as well as Smythes specially outfitted Black Berrets, who are the towns main protection as well as law enforcement.

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