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Cleveland, Ohio
General Information
Location:Ohio, East Central Commonwealth
Establishment:c. 1802
Disestablishment:October 23, 2077

"The Hardest Working City in America!"
Old Motto before the 'Great War'
Cleveland is a pre-War city located in the former East Central Commonwealth, in the state of Ohio. It is currently ruled by a raider gang known as "The Cleavers", lead by Allen Rust.

Cleveland, Ohio was struck by three nuclear warheads during the Great War, but only one ever detonated within the city. The other two exploded in Lake Erie.


The city of Cleveland, Ohio was a major industrial center before the Great War. Home to such corporate entities like Republican Steel & Tool, Allied Chemicals, and the General Atomics Mass Industrial Plant and served as a regional headquarters for businesses like ArmCo, and Med-Tek. In 2048, the city gained national fame when the Cleveland Cavalrymen beat their New York City rival in the World Series by a record 10-0.

In 2053, the United States Military Resources Commission, a committee under the Defense Intelligence Agency, dictated that Cleveland, Ohio would serve as the Industrial Hub-center for the East Central Commonwealth and placed the city under heavy restrictions and secrecy. At first, the city grew rapidly as military-funded businesses quickly employed large sections of the population. However, this overt-nationalism soon gave way to greed as these corporations blatantly violated human rights and worker's rights for profit, as well as damaging the city's water and air with pollution and creating new environmental hazards.


Ash Valley

"Ash Valley" is the main residential area that lies east of "The Stacks", built on the former ruins of Downtown, Cleveland. Run from the former ruins of the Cleveland City Hall, Ash Valley is home to Allen Rust, and the Cleavers who work in The Stacks.

The Stacks

Industrial Valley

Main Article: Industrial Valley Industrial Valley, now referred to as "The Stacks", is the central industrial sector of the former city of Cleveland. Home to several defunct steel and rolling mills, chemical plants, military depots, and the abandoned Newburgh & South Shore Railway. It is because of the heavy industry that the Cesspool exists, filled with chemicals, steel byproduct, rail cars, and in some cases, unexploded ordinances.


Main Article: Shesternya

The Curtains

The Eerie

The Eerie is the exposed coastline that is shared between Cleveland and Lake Erie. In the old ports and docks sit a wall of defunct and derelict fishing, public services, and military ships and vessels. It is here Fog Crawlers, Mirelurks, and other amphibious creatures rest, as well as the infamous 'Eerie Monster'.

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