Cobb Consulting Inc.
Political Information
Group type:Private Investigators & Security
Societal Information
Location(s):New Reno and New Vegas, Nevada & Redding, California
Historical Information
Policy Information
Goals:provide security and intelligence services.
"Look at this jagoff, getting blood and mucus all over the curb! Pick up your teeth and get the fuck out of town, freakshow."
―Randolph Cobb

Founded in 2250 by Randolph Cobb and Jaime Gonzales, both former MPs of the NCR Army, Cobb Consulting Inc. (CCI) provides services including bounty hunting, personal security, private investigation, and opposition research for clients throughout the NCR and New Vegas. For a certain tier of elite, discrete clientele they provide a number of other services that are illegal throughout the NCR including corpse disposal, kidnapping, and murder for hire.

Although they would never confirm or deny it, CCI has worked for a number of brahmin barons, caravan bosses, and NCR senators. Rumor has it they've even worked on behalf of such luminaries as the President or Robert House. They've been used by The Golden Wheel to provide an additional layer of obfuscation between themselves and Bright Star Express or Charles Brick for some of their operations in California and Nevada.

CCI employs a little over a dozen snoops, bounty hunters, bodyguards, and leg breakers split across their three locations. As both Cobb and Gonzales are getting on in years, they're seeking to expand their pool of talent, but finding the right mix of amorality, competence, and discretion necessary in their line of work isn't easy.


"Show me a good intersection of money and drama, and there I shall build my church."
―Jaime Gonzales
  • New Reno: Their original office, located across the street from the Desperado Casino in sight of the Reno Arch. It was formally a den of junkies before Randolph and Jaime drove them off with some baseball bats. They then had the building renovated and started their business there.
  • New Vegas: Their newest office, a refurbished building in the ruins of Paradise, outside the Strip near Camp McCarran.
  • Redding: Their second office, a new construction in the adobe style, built sight of the remains of the Sundial Bridge.