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The Cockroaches
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The Roaches' unofficial logo.

Political Information
Group type:Paramilitary group
Motto:"Unus pro omnibus, omnes pro uno"
Societal Information
Historical Information
Founded by:Former Swiss military personnel, Swiss hunters
Policy Information
Goals:Protection of settlements from raiders, Swiss independence
Enemies:Various Raider tribes

The Cockroaches (German: Kakerlaken), more commonly referred to as the Roaches, are a post-war paramilitary group based in Switzerland dedicated to keeping Switzerland safe and independent, and are thus opposed to any sort of raider activity. Founded shortly after the Great War by former Swiss soldiers, they have very little in the ways of an organizational hierarchy, and are almost entirely composed of small groups scattered across the country. They do, however, have a "headquarters" in Bern.


The Cockroaches were formed by former members of the Swiss Armed Forces only a few months after the Great War. Their original founding goal was simply surviving after the Swiss government collapsed from pressures caused by the looming threat of radioactive fallout and food shortages. Though the Swiss Alps provided an effective barrier against radiation creeping in from the rest of Europe, many areas still succumbed to often lethal levels of radiation. Because of this, the Cockroaches opted to skulk around and in the Alps, sending out their most well-equipped to scavenge for food and supplies in derelict villages and cities.


Due to typically only having a small number of soldiers at their disposal, group commanders usually prefer guerrilla tactics, and try not to engage enemies in open combat. Most engagements that groups of Cockroaches take part in are either defending settlements or rooting out raider camps. In cases of the former, Roaches dig in and use their defenses well to their advantage, often placing snipers and marksmen in hidden, strategic positions. The training and experience of many Roaches also provides them with a distinct advantage.

Ideals and Beliefs

The Roaches are dedicated to Swiss independence, and vow to defend Switzerland from foreigners and to fight against any outside power that attempts to take control of Switzerland. Intentions, good or bad, do not matter to the Roaches. To them, any sort of effort to take over the country is going directly against the will of the Swiss people.

The Roaches, however, are not opposed to allowing foreigners into their ranks, as Poles, Austrians, Germans, Italians, Frenchmen, Dutchmen and even some Scandinavians and Brits can be found among the ranks of the Roaches. Still, the vast majority of Roaches are native-born Swiss.

The Roaches despise raiders and any sort of raider activity. The raider philosophy directly conflicts with the Roaches' goal of a safe, independent Switzerland. So, the Roaches are naturally extremely hostile to raiders.


Other guy
Roaches use whatever is available to them, but are normally well-equipped. Settlements and traders will often provide Roaches with free or discounted equipment, due to the Roaches' continued protection of them. They will also work with scavengers to find food, armor, ammunition, and weapons, or scavenge for supplies themselves. As a result, they have access to much better equipment then your average wastelander.

Notable Groups

  • Bern group
  • Geneva group

Notable Members

Jacek Kolacz

Born in Poland in 2260, Kolacz migrated with his parents to Switzerland when he was 10 years old hoping to make a better life for themselves outside of the war torn eastern Europe. After escaping a band of raiders in northern Switzerland when he was 15, Kolacz was taken in by a group of Roaches.

Daniel Böhlen

The commander of the Roaches' unofficial headquarters in Bern, Daniel Böhlen acts as a sort of de facto leader of the Cockroaches. Born in 2231, Böhlen slowly worked his way up through the ranks of the Cockroaches before becoming head of the Bern group in 2268. He is one of the longest serving Roaches, and is thus a prominent figurehead among them.

Phillip Dupond

DSC 7565
Joining the Roaches early in his life, Phillip Dupond quickly became a very famous Cockroach, and essentially the face of the organization in French-speaking Switzerland.

Born to scavengers in Geneva in 2239, Dupond dedicated his life to ridding raiders from the face of the Earth after his parents were killed by them when he was only 8 years old. He was rescued and raised by a nearby group of Roaches, who taught him German. His bilingualness made him an asset to the Roach group, as they knew very little French. He eventually rose to become leader of his group, and became one of the most famous (or infamous) Roaches in the entire Wasteland. Now middle-aged, Dupond spends most of his time training rookies across western Switzerland, or sailing his boat around on Lake Geneva.

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