Tranquility Lane was created in November of 2008. In March of 2010, a decision was made to delete all of the content: the fanon had become inundated with overly expansive and overpowered factions, poorly conceived weapons and armor, a staggering number of "Mary-and-Marty Stu" characters, and other articles that strained canon and credulity to the breaking point. Even before this reboot, a great many things had been deleted between 11/08 and 03/10.

Now the administration is going to go through the entirety of the deletion logs and restore articles that can be easily fixed up to fit in with the current fanon. These articles can be edited by any registered users, with no need to "call dibs"; we only ask that if multiple authors take an interest in a single article that they coordinate their efforts peacefully on the article's talk page.

Restored Articles