Cyrmu Nautica Shipbuilders
Cymru Nautica Shipbuilding
Political Information
Type of Government:Company Executives
Motto:'Voyage i Lwyddiant'
Societal Information
Headquarters:Cardiff, Wales
Historical Information
Policy Information
Allies:Poseidon Energy
Cymru Nautica Shipbuilders was a United Kingdom based Shipbuilding firm, that operated in both the United Kingdom and European Commonwealth, with a moderate but strong market share, building both civilian and military vessels, the most notable of these vessels being the Royal Navies HMS Argus, which brought the company sizable press.


Cymru Nautica Shipbuilders was founded in 2029, after a great deal of negotiation between the Welsh government and the Houses of Parliament, which eventually granted funding to the Welsh government operated and owned company. The company operated out of the Swansea Shipyards after a great deal of negotiation with the owners of the dry docks, who were less than co-operative in seeing to the housing of the Company, though following the conclusion of talks, the company began full-time operations, and within only 2 years of operation was making a sizable profit for the United Kingdoms treasury, much to the surprise of many skeptics.

On January 10th 2037, the company completed work on the prolific HMS Argus, one of the largest Royal Navy Warships, completing the vessel ahead of schedule, and accomplishing its promises to the Ministry of Defense, much to the delight of the Royal Navies admiralty, despite ever-present doubt in the minds of critics of the government operated company, which was somewhat incompatible with the mainly conservative outlook of many in the British Parliament. The company was destroyed on October 23rd, 2077 with the onslaught of the Great War, along with much of the United Kingdoms industry and corporate base.


Cymru Nautica Shipbuilders built for both commercial and military contractors, producing numerous vessels of varying sizes.

HMS Argus: One of the Royal Navies largest warships, HMS Argus would become one of the most prolific warships in the Royal Navy, serving in both the European Commonwealth-Middle East War, and in the European Civil War.

HMS Princess of Lisbon: Built for the Royal Navy, and completed in 2075. HMS Princess of Lisbon would become prolific as the vessel from which the Royal Protectorate of Tampico would be born, following the vessels arrival on land.