General Information
Location:Boise Wasteland
Current status:clinging on

A small collection of farmers and scavengers, Darg is an another small settlement trying to withstand the horrors of inner-Boise. Too poor to do much more than survive, they are a victim of location, trapped in the ruins with death on every side.


Dave's Bar and Grill was a popular drinking spot in Boise before the Great War, with it being standing room only most nights. To provide the needed drinks at a lower cost, Dave secretly constructed a still in his sub-basement and began to brew his own whiskey. When the bombs fell the resulting tremors cracked the foundation of the basement, and as time went on the damage grew worse, until the wall collapsed in 2134. With the failure of the Sewer system, the basements were soon flooded and occupied by frogs, spiders, rats and Squirmers. Humans would come across it in 2234, a small group of scavengers desperate for a break.

They explored the building looking for anything of use before stumbling upon the basement. Their torches would reveal a small room of mushrooms and a pool of Squirmers, trapped by the sewer current. They couldn't believe their luck, and decided to stay for a while. Checking the sign outside, they named their camp "Darg", after the remaining letters. Their hopes would be crumbled when the Boise Boys demanded tribute in 2235, taking a large amount of their fish.

The scavengers stood aside, knowing it was not wise to resist these raiders. They would meekly sit in the building or pick over the neighborhood, but never ventured far from its relative safety. They would almost be overrun in 2237 by a pack of the Boise Mutant Horde, but managed to beat them back. The Boise Boys would come back later that same year, but had no interest in diplomacy, smashing the interior of the place and beating the residents.

The residents would be kept in a state of near-death for the next fifty years, barely numbering enough to fight off mutants with their pipe weapons. Only its supply of food has spared it from complete destruction, as the Boise Boys would occasionally step in to ensure their full bellies. In 2283 it sits as it always does, barely having enough for survival. The children of the original group carry on much like their parents but are willing to leave if the chance shows itself.


Traders rarely come to Darg and those who do often trade the bare necessities for a high rate. The People here trade squirmers and mushrooms, growing both in the semi-flooded basement. They payoff raiders in the same, the constant raids ensuring they never have too much.