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Denga Badtusk
Denga Badtusk An artist's depiction of Badtusk.
Date of birth:2208
Date of death:2257
Occupation:Raider Warlord
Adventurer (Formerly)

Chief Denga Badtusk was a tribal warlord of The Badtusk Clan who terrorized central Wyoming from 2238 until his death in 2257. Originally a scout for his tribe, he conducted trade and explored the region for a time until being attacked by a group of scavengers. In an act of vengence, he seized control of his tribe and declared an eternal war on the civilized men of the Wyoming Wasteland, razing the countryside and slaughtering those who dwelled there on a 19-year long warpath. His invasion was finally halted when he was killed in an ambush in 2257, causing his horde to fracture and retreat back to the Badlands, only to be hunted to extinction by the Frontiersmen.


Early Life

Denga was born into the Badtusk Clan in 2205. He grew up in their camp on the peak of Casper Mountain, raised by the youngest available adult, a huntress named Zora, according to tradition. She proved to be a strict, but fair caretaker. She would scold the young Denga for his foul-ups, but would reward him for his accomplishments in equal measure. Her biggest impact on his life was the projection of her hatred for civilized men onto the boy, which would eventually influence his decision to call for a warpath later in his life.

As Denga grew older, he began to adopt the profession of his mentor, and would often accompany her on treks into the wilderness to hunt game. By the time he was a teenager, he could track game with the best of them, and was considered one of the top shots in the tribe. Due to her Pupil's exceptional progress, Zora herself began to advance in the Clan's hierarchy.




Northern Commonwealth

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