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Druids of Westhill
Political Information
Group type:hunters, bandits to some
Leader Title:High Bard
Leader:High Bard Michael Rose
Motto:Strike Hard, Strike Fast!
Societal Information
Location(s):Outside of Iverness, Scotland, United Kingdom
Historical Information
Policy Information
Goals:To live safely in the Westhill Forest, and to kill any who trespass without good reason
Enemies:All None Druids
"Westhill, only a madman wi' a deathwish woods gang thaur! them druids rule, an' anythin' unwelcome ainae gonna survife lang thaur!"
―Farmer MacDavis, on Westhill

Westhill is a cluster of heavily wooded hills to the east of Inverness. Dark and Foreboding, Westhill is home to the Druids, a very large tribe that stays beneath the trees unless a large enough caravan passes nearby on the A9.


The Druids of Westhill have been in the woods around Westhill for as long as anyone can remember. The Druids bards hold that after the fire came, many who had lived in the city fled into the woods, and they had fought each other intensely until one day, a man appeared. He arrived when the fighting was hottest between the two largest groups of survivors. The man said he was a Druid, and that this violence had to stop, that the survivors were destroying the forest, their only true ally in this time. The Druid convinced the two groups to combine into one collective force, and together they spread their influence to all those who lived under the eastern forests near Inverness.

The BiC expansion

Probably the worst day of violence since the Druids came to them, the approach of the BiC shocked the Druids, who had had good trade agreements with the BiC till then. The Druids ambushed a large group of BiC axemen, and also used improvised explosive devices to force the advance to a stalemate. The BiC finally stopped the advance and simply fortified their positions near the edge of the Westhill Forests.

Equipment of Choice

The Druids are fond of hit and run attacks and ambushing, and their gear shows it. Most warriors in the Druids paint themselves with mud and leaves to conceal themselves from enemy forces till the absolute last second, and then jump out of covered spider holes in the ground or out of trees, using primarily heavy wooden clubs loaded with bronze in the striking end as well as an assortment of knives and hatchets, the blades almost always blackened to make sure their prey don't see them till the last possible second. They do use crude explosives, primarily in the form of crude nail bombs and molotovs (only on the edges of the forest). Many Druids wear very little, even the women, preferring loincloths and skins to keep them "decent", and only in "civilized" company, when on the attack, women will usually bind up their breasts, if only to keep them out of the way, and warriors keep their hair very short.