East Ulster Loyalists
Political Information
Group type:Paramilitary Raiders
Leader:Christopher McDonald (Pre-War)

Blair Halfwright (Post-War)

Motto:Down with the Republican Agenda
Societal Information
Location(s):Ulster, Ireland
Historical Information
Founded:July 2040
Policy Information
Goals:Maintain independence from encroaching Irish forces.
Allies:British patriots
Enemies:Irish Republicans

The East Ulster Loyalists was a Northern Irish Paramilitary Group, which has operated since July 2040, and to 2281 held strong loyalties to the British Crown, even though the group had no contact with any elected official or member of the Monarchy since prior to the Great War. Created and funded by the United Kingdom up until the Great Wars outbreak, and operating for as long as 200 years.


The East Ulster was created in July 2040 the organisation was intended to operate in a manner to distrupt any gatherings behind closed doors that could cripple the authority of the British Government, following the dissolution of the Northern Irish government after continued poor effectiveness in dealing with seemingly random acts of terror in the immediate surrounding area of Belfast. The group fielded a sizeable arsenal of weaponary, such as the British Militaries standard firearm; the R91 Assault Rifle, a US built weapon which was robust and certainly effective, utilised in numerous operations against Irish Republicans who were poorly equipped and deployed, as numerous terror attacks in Northern Ireland were foiled, though the brutality of which the Republican groups, who wished to see both Ireland and Ulster re-united, were hunted and destroyed shocked many a British citizen, seeing graphic images in the papers and the occasional news flash, displayed in some gut wrenching image with the usual 'Traitor' calling card of the East Ulster Loyalists carved in to the Republicans chest.

On September 2059, a terrorist attack on the British overseas territory of the Falklands capital Port Stanley, which destroyed the Governors Residence and Government house, conducted by Irish Republican loyalists, due to the islands patriotic displays. Anger from the attack was strong in the United Kingdom, though the government was unable to draw enough of a response to prepare an occupation of Southern Ireland, much to the chagrin of those in Parliament, and to the East Ulster Loyalists. Leader of the Loyalists, Christopher McDonald conducted a string of revenge killings in his quest for what he deemed as justice. As the European Commonwealth-Middle East, which Britain was embroiled in, began to draw to a conclussion, the end result was becoming ever more apparent; the lack of Oil and Uranium stocks to satisfy the consumption numbers for European Commonwealth nation states, the United Kingdom included, much to the frustration of returning infantry who had served in the battles with British Army divisions, the mere thought of having endured hardships in a arid desert for little reason made resentment and bitter hatred of those in power run rife, atleast for those soldiers who originated from Wales, England and Scotland. For those soldiers who returned to Northern Ireland however, the blame lay upon the Republic of Ireland, for undiscernable reasons.

By the year 2064, the war in the Middle East was long over, with the European Commonwealth having collapsed with member states pulling out and warring with eachother over what remained of Europes resources, whilst entire divisions of the British Army were trapped in European nations such as Italy and France, with civil war erupting across Europe. In the United Kingdom, the long and unsteady peace bgan to crumble, with riots over food and lack of power supplies to supplement the United Kingdoms domestic and industrial areas. The East Ulster Loyalists, with backing from the British Government, ensured that a sense of patriotism, alteast in Belfast reigned, through a more friendly poster and radio campaign, and a more hidden, shady method of torture and removal of those who would argue for the United Kingdoms future and questionable motives, with entire boroughs remaining quiet about any issues of faith in the British Government. This was only reinforced when on Febuary 2nd 2071, British troops were deployed to the City of Belfast, following a terror attack on December 29th of the preivious year, on a Gentlemens club, which left 2 members of Parliament dead along with 39 other members of the club.

Ulster Loyalists Headquarters Post-War

The East Ulsters Loyalists operate out of the remains of a Gentlemens club, which has been restored and repaired in small amounts over the years.

This silence and uneasy tension of poor rationing, subjugation and silencing continued until the very outbreak of the Great War, the first signs being the low flying Aero-Vulcan B.3 bombers soaring over Belfast and other rural areas of Northern Ireland. Despite the best efforts of local police and British soldiers on the ground, rioting and panic ensued, with looting and rampant panic ensueing, following the appearance of a mushroom cloud in the very distance, the panic also saw the death of the former leader of the Ulster Loyalists, Christopher McDonald, who was killed by stray gunfire. The coming years remained an uneasy time, with Raider groups forming and wageing a war of hate and conquest against what groups were formed in the cities confines, until the year 2126, when the East Ulster Loyalists seemingly made their somewhat triumphant return. Led by the charismatic ghoul Captain Blair Halfwright, a former Royal Air Force pilot whos Aero-Vulcan B.3 bomber crash landed some miles outside of Belfast, announcing a return to the 'good old days' of the United Kingdoms authority in Belfast, much to the delight of many who had been forced to scavenge and just barely survive in the gutted ruins of Belfast, though, this was only to the non-ghoulified citizens of Belfast, some of which remembered the pre-war days of subjugation.

A swathe of destruction was made through Belfast, with numerous losses being inccured by both sides, thoguh many citizens of Belfast leaped at the oppurtunity for revenge against the Raider groups who had cost them so much, and took arms alongside the Ulster Loyalists, and by October 12th 2126, the event that would become known as 'Recclemation of Belfast' finishing with the victory of the East Ulster Loyalists, who established a small council to operate as the governing body for the city. Whilst the citizens of Belfast, ghoul and human alike, put their support behind the new council and East Ulster Loyalists, whilst swearing a vow of loyalty to the British Monarchy, that might not even have been still alive. Today, the East Ulster Loyalists operate out of the remains of an old Gentlemens club, with the over 200 year old Captain Blair Halfwright, still overseeing governship of a large portion of the city of Belfast, generations later, with a organised and trained force of both former British Army ghouls from before the war and new trainees from across the city of Belfast, maintain order and a sembolance of normality, with the group rarely engaging in the activities it condoned before the war.