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Eᴅᴡᴀʀᴅ Nɪᴠᴇɪs
Edward Niveis
Date of birth:December 10th, 2170
Date of death:December 9th, 2239
Age:69 as of 2239
Blood type:O-



"Do you have a secret? You can tell this prairie; it has many, and no one ever finds out about them."
―Edward describing Nebraska.

Edward Niveis was a thinker who was born in Kansas and lived in Nebraska until his death in 2239. He was popular among his community for his theories about the Great War and celestial oriented poems.

Early Life

"The universe holds many mysteries, and it would be impossible to solve them all."
―Maria Niveis to her son.
Edward Niveis was born in 2170 to Romero and Maria Niveis in River's Landing, Kansas, where he grew up alongside his parents and three older brothers: Robert, Romero Junior and Michael, who bullied him often as he was the youngest. As River's Landing started to get more and more populated, Romero and Maria earned quite the living, which allowed Edward and his brothers to grow in luxury until the death of Romero in 2184. The older brothers jobless alongside the mother, the family was evicted due to the failure to earn enough money to pay for their home. They then traveled the Mall of the Great Plain Plains, resulting in the death of the then ill Robert, which significantly increased the amount of time the family spent grieving.

They lived with the community that occupied the mall, peacefully.

In 2188, Edward had left his family to start a caravan alongside his new-found lover, Isabel: a girl a year younger than he, who was nursed back to health at the Mall after she was found unconscious outside several days before they had met during the winter of 2187. The reason of why he started a new caravan was because although he was far past over it, his family were still grieving, and he was unable to stand the depression bestowed upon him. Although he cared, and although he have tried helping them, he couldn't see them this down. He visited them occasionally, but only to trade with the mall and check with them. On the 21st of February 2189, his brother Michael had committed suicide, which meant instant depression for poor Edward, who spent the next three months grieving.