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"All reality hinges on moral foundations."
―Motto of the Emelkayan Order
The itinerant brothers and sisters of the Emelkayan Order seek to improve the life of everyone in the wasteland through the rediscovery and advocacy of lost values: nonviolence, justice, forgiveness, and charity among others. They also strive to create brotherhood between humans and mutants of every description. Though few in number, their kind can be found far and wide throughout the wasteland as befits their wandering natures. They are more common in the Gulf and Southeast Commonwealths, however. They draw their name and inspiration from a Pre-War figure, whose shrines still dot the American wasteland. These locations, such as the one in Boss Town are gathering sites for the monks.


The Order's genesis can be traced back to two men: James Baker, an orphan and Bernard Rustin, the ghoul who took him in. They lived in Ashwick, a town divided by tension and distrust between humans and ghouls that dominated local politics.