"The Mojave is nothing like I would have ever imagined"
―Ethan Marshalls, describing the Wasteland
Ethan Marshalls
Ethan Marshalls
Date of birth:October 16th, 2257
Date of death:N/A
Mass:161 lbs.
Occupation:Mercenary for the Mojave Privateers

Ethan Marshalls is a mercenary working for the Mojave Privateers in 2281.

Childhood and Growing Up

Ethan was born in the year 2257 to Edith and Connor Marshalls in the small town of Abile in the fine region of the Oilfields , one of the few tame region of the entire state of Texas. Growing up he watched as his father went off to work each day, refining oil and coming home covered in the black gold he worked hard to refine. His father on more than one occasion took him with him to work showing him the kind of backbreaking work he went through every day and always telling his son to do better, get somewhere and do better. Like every good father Connor wanted the best for his son and wanted him to live a better life than his own but that seemed to be a tunnel dream in Texas, the only "hopeful" place in the whole state was the Permian Basin now dominated by the Midessa Compact . Yet unluckily for young Ethan his father never got see his young son grow up as he was killed in a fire at the refinery. The death of his father affected Ethan forever as he now became the family breadwinner, he soon got a job at the same refinery as his father when he was only twelve. He worked hard and earned him and his mother enough to keep food on the table, yet when one day he returned home late one night to find his home had been broken into and his mother murdered. At fourteen he lost his mother, now and orphan he wandered the wastes without a purpose and developing a rather poor attitude, he quickly ran out of money and the only way he did the only thing he knew how to do, he got a gun and became a bandit.

As began his roadway stickups he worked his west to the Permian Basin and soon became quite a nuisance for the Midessa Compact and soon bounty hunters were hired by the towns of the compact to hunt down the highwaymen that continued to attack the caravans going in between the towns. Yet these bounty hunters came to naught as they all ended up as stiffs along the side of the road, to be eaten by the scavenging animals of the area. For Ethan his signature weapon was an old five shot revolver his father had made a trade for he called it a Seqouia or something like that, either way, the rounds could put one hell of a hole in anybody who thought that being a hero was a good idea. Eventually, a small army of mercenaries, bounty hunters, and hired guns had been sent after Ethan. This all came to a head when he attempted to hold up a caravan that turned out to be an ambush, the mercs surrounded the wounded Ethan in an old building with orders to shoot him on sight and bring the body for the reward. Well an argument began between the mercs, someone started pulling guns, next thing you know their killing one another, so Ethan made a break for it shooting like a mad man with his revolver, he shot his was out of the ambush and promptly left the Midessa Compact and the Permian Basin for good. After this, he promptly made his way to the Corpse Coast.

The Corpse Coast

When Ethan arrived in the Corpse Coast he was met by a familiar scene a land of total and constant warfare. This was the land that needed mercenaries, whatever non-aligned towns there were in the Corpse were always under attack, he figured he would be one hell of a merc yet he got caught up with another group the Geist Korps, he was working his way through some ruins (he was scavenging) when gunfire erupted from one of the streets, as he watched a group of Korpsmen traded fire with a group of strange looking raiders, they performed in a rather robotic fashion, showing no emotion or even reaction when one of their own was felled by gunfire, they quickly flanked and gunned down the raiders. they then collected their fallen comrade's corpse and moved on. Ethan decided to follow them and figure out who they were, he followed them back to their camp and discovered they were the Geist Korps an elite band of mercenaries and warriors in the Corpse. He made his presence known and asked to join, the commander only had him sign a sheet and the training began, with what seemed basic a set of push-ups only ten the commander said. As he did them he was kicked, beaten and clubbed like no other. This became a pattern as he went through his training, ruthless beatings from his fellow Korpsmen, midnight sock parties except in place of dry soap bars they put nuts and bolts in their socks. Yet Ethan came out on top an emotionless, ideological killer and his Korpsmen welcomed him for it. He was given a suit of their signature armor and yet under that armor Ethan still managed to keep a shrivel of himself alive and thus had somewhat of a rogue personality going on within him.

While in the Korp he met another hard-bitten merc, Ike Arts the two became friends in the loosest sense of the word and often fought together when in combat, yet when Ike left the Korps it left Ethan rather pissed off that his friend would just up and abandon the Korps, so when Oberst Brandt ordered him to be killed on sight he sent Ethan after him. Ethan caught up with his old friend Ike in the town of Petroleum and promptly had a gun battle with him, Ike got a well aimed 12 gauge slug put into Ethan's armor, it knocked the wind out of him, a second and a third slug hit him in his shoulder and stomach. Ethan went down, a pool of blood forming around him Ike left, having realized he had just gunned down his assassin not knowing it was his old friend. The people of Petroleum took him in and nursed him back to health at which point Ethan left, headed back to the Corpse with news of his failure to the Korps. Yet upon his return, the news of his failure to kill his old friend was not taken well by Oberst Brandt who promptly attempted to kill Ethan himself with his pistol, after shooting his way out of the camp full of his former friends and comrades.

The Mojave

It was after getting almost killed by men he had once considered his friend that Ethan decided that maybe the good state of Texas could do without him for awhile. He left the lone star state and headed west, going from town to town, occasionally doing the odd job for the local townsfolk, fighting off raiders and bandits alike he eventually ended up in the Mojave Wasteland. It was here that he mosied on into the small town of Goodsprings, he sat down at the small saloon in the town and had himself a drink. He figured he'd try his hand at the strip and maybe look for a place to settle down in one of the small unaligned towns in the region. So after trying his hand at the strip (and losing all of his money) he again stumbled back into Goodsprings, stinking of whiskey, and for whatever reason cheap perfume and decided to have another drink to help wash down his woes. It was while he was in Goodsprings in that small bar that he met a rather peculiar person, he or possibly she was a Super Mutant who was going on and on about how there wasn't anywhere he could grab enough ammo for his mini-gun. Ethan half hung over,struck up a conversation and the mutant and Ethan became fast friends. The mutant said he had no name, wandering the wastes looking for the mutant she heard on her radio named Rhonda, however, the signal had become rather spotty to the point where he had lost contact with the radio signal and moved into Goodsprings without much of a purpose. He helped out round up Brahmin, repair homes, and naturally, deal with an threats to the town, which he did rather effectively. Ethan asked in his hungover state if the mutant wanted to hang around with him, and the mutant accepted.

It wasn't long before the duo was out causing trouble, mostly for the powder gangers. A group of Powder Gangers tired of the trouble started by the two sent a hit team after them. The team ambushed Ethan and the mutant by throwing dynamite at them and then opening fire with their variety of guns. While Ethan fired away with his pistol at the Powder Gangers, the mutant fired what ammo he had left for his mini-gun left then went around bludgeoning the remainder with his mini-gun, literally beating them to a pulp. Watching him Ethan remarked, "That's one fucked up fucker" thus earning the mutant his name, One Fuked up Fucker. The two promptly returned to Goodsprings where stories of the fight had already trickled in, earning the two several drinks from Trudy and claps on the back from the others at the bar. Soon they began to get job offers from people to help clear out groups of Powder Gangers they quickly became notorious with the Gangers to the point that Eddy put a bounty on the twos head. Meanwhile, others heard their across the Mojave people locked to meet with them. One named Tommy Spinelli even offered to join them, an old ghoul who claims to have been born before the war and having crossed the wastes from his home in a place called New York City. Either way, he was a cracking shot and thus Ethan allowed him to tag along. The three formed the Mojave Privateers a group of fearsome mercenaries who work for the highest bidder. They operate in the Mojave, even today.


AER12 Laser Rifle "Police Special"

This unique Laser rifle was taken off a dead mercenary Ethan found while wondering the Corpse, When he first found it, it was badly damaged and required quite a bit of repair work. Yet when he got the rifle up and running it proved to be rather effective at killing his enemies, on the same token a non-lethal function had been added to allow the user to stun his target and thus allow him to capture or put down a target without harming them.

Newberry .357 Magnum

Hailing from an armory out east the Newberry revolver is about as reliable as any revolver is gonna get. It fires six powerful .357 pistol rounds, it has stopping power like no other, and its rather low maintenance so thus Ethan only has to worry about cleaning it about once a month.

Kurtz's Klub

While traveling from Texas to the Mojave Ethan ran across a group of tribals in Utah, calling themselves the Warhounds after doing a few odd jobs for them, they rewarded him with a large sum of caps and a special machete he likes to call Kurtz's Klub after having it given to him by Kurtz himself.



"You know I used to be friends with one of those Geist Korps freaks, then I was ordered to kill him, then he tried to kill me...lets just say were not on speaking terms"
―Ethan Marshalls on his old friend Ike Arts.


"First the Korps, now the Bastards. What's next, you're going to fuck my wife and read my daughter bedtime stories?"
Ike Arts on seeing Ethan everywhere he goes.
"There is no calamity greater than lightly engaging in war."
Rolento Hawke spoke only briefly to some members of the Bastards, he could only hope his words were helpful.
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