European Stock Market Crash
European Stock Market Crash

Location:The European Union
Started:Mid-April, 2052
Result:The Great War

In 2052, shortly after the start of the Resources War, the European Union's official stock market declared it's worst economic period at the beginning of May. Due to a large number of people redeeming stocks in the now failing oil companies, banks quickly ran out of money causing numerous financial companies, loaning agencies and the like to go bankrupt overnight.

The crash of numerous agencies and companies lead to the most horrific economic loss in world history, causing numerous countries such as Wales, England, Yugoslavia, Romania and others to declare bankruptcy. Though this trend slowly came to a standstill around the late 2050s-2060s as countries began to find newer and better ways to step back from the loss of the stock market.

After the collapse of the European Union, in 2053. This crash caused numerous European Nations to get rid of the Euro, as it was the final note of their connection as a Union and begin to reprint their own individual currency. Such currency is rare now in the modern day.

As for the Stock Market Buildings, England, along with North Ireland and Scotland's, remained closed until 2074-2078. In 2074, it was reopened by the LonCorp. who refurbished it into a hospital. When the Great War struck, the hospital was closed due to the bombs and all staff members were required to wear specialized suits to treat the post-War Patients. It is recorded that the last staff member, a Dr. Phillip Orren, died on September 8th, 2078 due to suicide. The building is still under the post-War Faction, the LonCorp. control.

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