Exit 11 Trade Bazaar
General Information
Location:New Jersey
Population:60 permanent residents, up to 300 daily visitors

The Exit 11 Trade Bazaar is a large trading post, the headquarters of Garden State Shipping built on what is left of Exit 11 of the Jersey Turnpike in the former township of Woodbridge, New Jersey. The location is both symbolic and utilitarian. During Pre-War days, Exit 11 was one of the busiest exits on the highway, the point where the roadway splits into two different major highways, the Jersey Turnpike and the Garden State Parkway, going in two separate directions. In present times, the location is centralized within the state, the two roadways, and gives access to the two highways, of which large sections have since remained intact and operational. In addition, the site is the unofficial divide between more populated northern Jersey and the sparser, less civilized and populated south Jersey.</p>

Garden State Shipping has heavily fortified the compound that they use as their base of operations, a collection of buildings that includes the 24 toll booths on the roadway, the connecting administrative building, and two nearby buildings, one of which was a hotel and the other a House Warehouse, a Pre-War home supply and improvement retail chain. The former hotel currently operates as an administrative building for GSS, while the former retail store functions as a warehouse for goods.

Physical security is handled internally, and is contracted out to outside sources to make up for what internal GSS security cannot handle. When the organization first set up the complex as their base of operations, it periodically came under attack from nearby raiders and wandering wastelanders, as Garden State Shipping was still a burgeoning power in local wasteland politics. Years later, well established as a major player, the tollbooths and surrounding buildings are rarely bothered.

The physical toll booths located on the roadway currently operate as a market. Peddlers can rent a booth, paying filing and service fees, and can sell their goods to visitors. Garden State Shipping estimates that, on a daily basis, a few hundred wastelanders are allowed into the complex to buy and sell their goods, with thousands of caps being exchanged daily. In addition to those fees that they collect, the marketplace also gives GSS an intimate look at the regional market, allowing them to better read it and maximize their profits.