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Free Northwestern Army
Free Northwestern Army
Political Information
Group type:Coalition Army
Societal Information
Historical Information
Policy Information
Goals:To stabilize and bring law to Cascadia
Allies:New California Republic, Badlanders (varies)

The Free Northwestern Army (also known as the FNA) is loosely organized group of militias, partisans, and warlords that fight for 'democracy' in Cascadia. This is at least in theory, as in practice the FNA mostly functions as a pro-NCR militia that fights for the Republic's causes in Oregon and Washington somewhat consistently.


Though the Free Northwestern Army was technically founded in 2269, its history goes back further than that. Many preexisting groups joined the FNA such as the Mutant Hunters in Portland (the FNA of the North) and the Soldiers of Mohammed in eastern Oregon (the Army of Manifest Destiny). However, what is really important is what brought about the creation of the FNA in the first place: the Oregon Brushfire Wars.

By 2269, the New California Republic had already fought three wars in the Pacific Northwest and was in the process of fighting a fourth, the War of the Northwestern Alliance. NCR at that point was tired of sending their boys to die in some rainy forest in Oregon, and the NCR Army was fully aware that fatigue over the war was building.


Made up of numerous groups spanning the large area of Cascadia, the Free Northwestern Army is an incredibly diverse organization culturally. That includes former raiders, warlords, caravan guards, mercenaries, ex-cultists, right-wing militia, partisans, and idealists. Fractured by a lack of roads, weather, and mountains, the FNA struggles to even maintain communication, no less maintaining a unified culture.

FNA groups usually do include some common features.


The FNA has a rather varied economy, seeing as it has numerous affiliate groups in many areas. Most groups do not produce their weapons, equipment, or food. Most of their supplies comes from the NCR, who directly fun many FNA groups. Besides getting funding from NCR, the FNA mostly exchanges protection for supplies from local settlements with the formalities of these deals varying wildly. The FNA in Grant's Pass and Portland have a formal taxation system while most groups near small wasteland settlements and homesteads just enact tribute when needed. This moeny is used to pay the soldiers and to buy essentials for the army that NCR does not provide. More sinister elements of the FNA extort what they need from wastelanders and settlers through force, making them little better than the raiders and tribals they claim to fight. The most notable example of a FNA group that does this is the Army of Manifest Destiny, whose warlord leader even endorses the practice of abducting women to be "camp followers" and forcibly recruiting "young men" into his army.


The government of the FNA is centered with its command structure in southern Oregon, strictly speaking. However, the FNA is a rather loose coalition of militant groups around Cascadia with very little administration.


The FNA is essentially just a military coalition made of various different groups with differing equipment, weapons, and manpower. The groups also vary wildly in their views, with some being closely allied alongside NCR while others are only more loosely associated with the Bear.

The Free Northwestern Army of the South

The Free Northwestern Army of the North

The Northwest Freedom Brigade

The Army of Manifest Destiny

The Union Patrol

The Soldiers of Democracy

The Liberty Brigrade

The Kimball Freedom Brigade

Notable Members

General Randy Adams

Randy Adams

"Listen here, you little pigshit. I’m not here to coddle you, I’m here to to lead you. If you want something else, go back home to your mother."
―General Randy Adams

General Randy Adams was the first leader of the Free Northwestern Army and kept the group quite unified until his death in 2272.

General Homer Jay

Homer Jay

"This position, this tent, my mind... it feels like a prison. They need me, but do I need them?"
―General Homer Jay

General Homer Jay is currently the official leader of the FNA, but in reality, he only really controls the FNA groups around his power base Grant's Pass in southern Oregon and a couple of other cells around Cascadia.

Colonel Mahers


"I’m not any happier to be in this situation than you are. Just make the process easier and cough up the information, all right?"
―Colonel Mahers

Colonel Mahers is General Jay's second-in-command who works hard to keep the FNA afloat as well as being NCR's main contact.

General Tyrone Creed

Tyrone Creed

"D’Angelo, look over here, potato-face’s got pictures! Nice kids, pity they had such an ugly father."
―General Tyrone Creed

General Tyrone Creed is a reformed raider who controls a sizable portion of central Oregon with an iron fist and only pays minimal lip-service to General Jay.

General Shabazz


"Hitler. Muhammad. Genghis Khan. The Master. All men of great power and standing in the history books. One day, I hope my name will be etched alongside their’s."
―General Shabazz

General Shabazz, more of a warlord than a general, is a former Nation of Islam cultist who has a particular soft spot for the good things in life.

General Virgo Clark

Virgo Clark

"Have you ever considered perhaps, you know, talking to these people you disagree with instead of just shooting at them?"
―General Virgo Clark

General Virgo Clark is currently the overall leader of the FNA in northern Oregon and southern Washington, and he is a man with quite a colorful past.

General Clint Bundy

Clint Bundy

"Badlander or super mutant? Difficult question, I don’t like either. Wouldn’t want neither to marry my daughter. I’d say Badlanders’re better, since they’re born into that and might be changed. Mutie’s a mutie."
―General Clint Bundy

General Clint Bundy was the leader of the FNA in Portland and the former leader of the Mutant Hunters who was killed during the Oregon Brushfire Wars.

Colonel Chen Song

Chen Song

"You guys are all from before the war? Far out..."
―Colonel Chen Song

Colonel Chen Song is a rather idealistic former artist and philosopher from Seattle who has only recently come to prominence after bringing the ghoulified U.S. Army remnants of Campbell Armory into the fold of the FNA.

General Mary Grace

Mary Grace

"You made me General, I’m doing what I think is best! What do you people want from me?"
―General Mary Grace

The self-proclaimed General Mary Grace (working alongside her partner Braylon) is a former raider who is reluctantly working with the FNA to take Grand Coulee Dam.


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