If a user stumbled on this site, they might not know what the Fallout Fanon Wiki is. This guide is meant to help that user learn what exactly the wiki is.

What the Fallout Fanon Wiki is

The Fallout Fanon Wiki is a site, run through Wikia, that allows Wikia users to create and edit articles about the Fallout universe. However, unlike our sister wiki The Vault, we are not here to create a comprehensive guide to the Fallout games and Fallout universe. Instead, we use the setting created by the Fallout games to expand upon that universe. Here, we write about characters, places, or groups who live within the Fallout universe. The articles that we write are made in an encyclopedic fashion that allows the user to present the facts on the page to the reader as though it were an actual article while still giving the reader a large degree of control and artistic freedom within their writing.

All articles on the wiki should be able to be held to the standard inscribed above. The wiki and the articles on it should always try to measure up as close as possible to this standard. In order for this idea to remain clear, below are some things that the users of the Fallout Fanon Wiki should avoid turning the wiki into.

What the Fallout Fanon Wiki is not... by Bethesda or Black Isle Studios

The Fallout Fanon Wiki was constructed by fans of the Fallout series to provide enjoyment for other fans. It is not owned by, and claims no allegiance to, either Bethesda Studios or Black Isle Studios.

...a canon information wiki

This wiki is not meant to provide a guide to the Fallout series. It does not attempt to provide information about the Fallout universe, nor does it attempt to help users with their game-related problems. Ideally, even the characters presented in the Fallout games should not be talked about. The wiki is for any user to use Fallout as a basis for their articles. The potential ramifications of events in the Fallout games may be discussed, but be warned that such articles will most likely be graded on a higher scale than others. For a list of Fallout canon accepted on this site, see the rules.

...a "do whatever you want" wiki

The wiki isn't meant as a playground. No, we still have limits. You should be able to properly structure articles before you start making them here. And, the wiki isn't meant for more Lone Wanderers/Chosen Ones/Vault Dwellers. Keep that in mind.

To expand on what we do not want on this wiki is "god of the waste" type characters or really any character that has an unrealistic personality. For example, don't make your character come off as someone who is fearless and can kill anything. You need to remember the core message of fallout "the wasteland is a scary place". There should be very few moments when your character feels safe. Furthermore, when you write you should write to entertain, not just to entertain yourself but to entertain the reader. People do not want to read about how much a badass your character is or how strong your organization is or how technologically advanced your settlement is. Write about plausible situations and DO YOUR RESEARCH BEFORE WRITING SOMETHING. If you are trying to get your settlement a form of technology DO RESEARCH to see if they can plausibly get that technology under their circumstances.

Another point we cannot stress enough on here is plausibility. We do not tolerate implausible situations, technologies, etc. This is why you must DO YOUR RESEARCH before making any type of article. Members on this fanon get touchy when you don't do your research so if you want to get off to a good start here DO SOME RESEARCH.

...a roleplaying wiki

Tranquility Lane is not an RP (roleplaying) wiki. It is true that we do roleplay on this site, but you should not come here for that reason.

...a mod wiki.

Tranquility Lane exists for the creation of fanon, not for submitting mod ideas and posting links to mods. If you wish to do that, please visit our sister site, Vault-Tec Labs.

What does Canon mean? And Fanon?

Canon: The 'real' Fallout universe, made by the creators of the game. Wikipedia's definition is: "Canon, in terms of a fictional universe, is any material that is considered to be "genuine," or can be directly referenced as material produced by the original author or creator of a series."

Fanon: Additions to the Fallout universe (i.e: factions, places, characters), made by fans of the game. Urban dictionary's definition is: "Fanon is the collection concepts and ideas that are normally used in most fan fiction, but don't really exist in the real story's canon."

What is Canon Here?

Here is a list, by game, of what we consider canon in the Fallout universe. Read the rules to see if certain events in the games are considered canon.

Flavor material means some elements may be used, as long as they are not major

Our Members...

...are not the nicest of people.

Basically, if you want to get on the good side of members on this wiki then you should follow these pointers:

  • Follow the rules, our rule page is short as to not-overwhelm and bore you, and they offer guidelines so that we may keep the Fallout Fanon Wiki from becoming a bland fanon site where people create articles for the simple reason of stroking their own egos.
  • When somebody goes on the discussion page of an article you created to point out something in your article that does not make sense/is written badly/is against the rules then do not make stupid excuses, such as: "this is my first article, please lay off guys"|"This was in Fallout 3 so I should be able to use it"|"Not everything has to be realistic, this is based off of Fallout after all". Excuses such as those are sure ways to get yourself screamed at. Regardless of whether this is your first article or not, it is still under scrutiny and it still needs to be up to this site's standards. Also, here, we do not use Fallout 3 to measure the plausibility of ANYTHING, so do not use Fallout 3 to justify something in your article. Furthermore, yes, things in your articles have to be realistic, this fanon may extend on Fallout's canon, but we adhere to reason, logic, and the laws of physics.

...have an interesting sense of humor.

If one of our members makes an odd comment about something or phrases their requests or statements in a strange manner, feel free to call them out on it. However, please consider the possibility that they are simply joking with you. Many jokes are inside jokes that you will learn about later.

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