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The following rules do not attempt to cover all contingencies and eventualities, so it is helpful to understand the goals of the fanon prior to writing. The goal of Tranquility Lane is to expand upon the Fallout Universe without changing what has come before, or rendering it unrecognizable.

We do not allow authors to lay claim to enormous swathes of territory in a single article because we wish to provide other authors an opportunity to write about locations they desire. If one author creates "The Empire of New York," for instance, another author could be deprived the opportunity to write about a village in the ruins of Manhattan. If a single author were to write so many articles about New York state and nobody else did, they could assemble their Empire of New York over time.

Avoid straining credulity, Mary Sue/Marty Stu characters, supremely powerful factions, and enormous post-apocalyptic nations. Use high-tech artifacts sparingly, and do not overpower mutations.

The Current "Present" - 2287. It has been a few years since Courier Six plundered the Sierra Madre, prevented the Think Tank from escaping Big MT, settled their affairs with Ulysses in The Divide, and determined the course of the Second Battle of Hoover Dam. The fate of the Mojave is still unclear, however. Now, the Sole Survivor has just emerged from Vault 111 in search of their kidnapped son.

Content Rules

General Rules

  • In any dispute, whether covered by the rules or not, an Administrator's word should be considered final.
    • If you believe an administrator's ruling is unfair in some way, you may appeal to another administrator to review it.
  • To create content, users must be registered and logged in. It is okay to fix typographical errors without registering or logging in.
  • Harassment, trolling, and vandalism will result in a ban of whatever duration an administrator sees fit.
    • If you believe your ban to be excessive, say so on your talk page and another administrator will review it.
  • Always adhere to canon.
  • Adhere to and respect existing fanon.
    • Do not change fanon without collaboration from the appropriate authors or an Administrator's guidance.
  • Categorize articles and files appropriately.
  • Organize your articles appropriately, use templates as needed and do not make red links.
  • Potentially offensive written content is allowed (bigotry, violence, vulgarity, etc.).
    • Potentially offensive images are not allowed (pornographic images, photographs of dead bodies, etc.)
  • An author is to have no more than 4 articles under construction at one time.
  • Incomplete articles with no progress made within 30 days without prior arrangement may be deleted or put up for adoption at an Administrator's discretion.


  • Articles for pieces of equipment (armor, chems, weapons, etc.) are prohibited. Instead, create a manufacturer article and put the item there. Examples of manufacturers include:
    • Characters: good for one-of-a-kind items with unique histories.
    • Groups: good for non-unique items.
    • Pre-War Companies: ideal for mass-produced or high-tech items.
  • Equipment should be consistent with the themes and art direction of the Fallout setting.
  • High technology (power armor, vertibirds, upper-tier energy weapons, etc.) is restricted. You must either obtain prior administrator approval or win a relevant contest to incorporate them into articles.


  • Do not create articles for canon characters.
    • Avoid including canon characters in your articles. If you must include one, do not change the character.
  • Do not use your character to change canon locations or factions.
    • Do not make your character a vital member or leader of a canon location or faction.
  • Androids, Intelligent Animals, Psykers, and non-Canon forms of mutants require Administrator approval.
    • Aliens and super-soldiers are never allowed.
  • Do not use nicknames, ranks, or titles in the article's title, without Administrator approval.


  • Branches, chapters, detachments, and splinter groups of canon factions require Administrator approval.
  • Large, powerful, well-equipped groups are restricted and should only be made with guidance from an Administrator.


  • Do not create articles for canon locations.
    • Do not change canon locations.
  • Vault-Tec Vaults require administrator approval.
    • Fanon Vault-Tec Vaults may not simply be name-dropped in an article if they have no corresponding article of their own.
  • If creating an article for a city who's real-life population is 100,000 or more; do not claim author rights for the whole city in a single article.


  • You must FIRST consult an administrator before creating a new RP topic.
  • Remember that when taking part in an RP, you should act as a character, not a player. If your character shouldn't know something but you do, don't have them talk about it or act on it.
  • All RPs are part of their own time line, events in them are to be considered unofficial to fanon.
  • No large wars.

Canon On This Site

  • Fallout, Fallout 2, Fallout 3, Fallout: New Vegas, and their expansions are all canon.
  • Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel and Van Buren have story and world-building elements that may be considered canon, so long as they do not contradict the canon games. Van Buren supersedes Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel in the event of any contradictions.
  • Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel is not canon, though locations from the game can be adapted, so long as they do not contradict anything else.
  • Unless otherwise clarified by a subsequent game, assume the protagonist of each game behaved in such a way as to preserve locations and factions of the wasteland.
  • Aliens and alien technology are outside the purview of this fanon, do not include them in your articles.

If future Canon renders any site content firmly non-canon friendly, said content will not be deleted. Instead, it shall be notated as existing in a "divergent universe."

Useful Stuff

  • Check out the Timeline and Article Creation Guides, links to which can be found on the front page of the wiki.
  • {{WIP|Your username here}} : This is the Work in Progress tag! Use this to denote that you're still working on an article, it usually keeps us from slapping it with the Stub label. remember you can only have 4 articles under construction at once!
  • {{quote|what was said|who said it}}
"Use this template to get quotes that look like this"
― OvaltinePatrol

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