Fila de Francotirador
Fila de Francotirador
General Information
Location:Distrito Capital
Population:unknown, probably one.
Notable Individuals:Walter
Notable events:N/A
Current status:Dangerous and best avoided.

Or Sniper's Row in English.


No one truly knows when some seriously disgruntled person decided to set themselves up in the ruins of the Distrito Capital and start taking pot shots at the local transients, but everyone agrees that that date falls at some point within 2278. At any rate, the first victims of the hidden marksmen were no more than a small group of traveling merchants. The three of them were cutting through the relatively empty back streets to reach their destination when they were all shot dead, leaving their confused Brahmin to scamper about the alleyways. From that point forward the body count only raised, and yet no one could get a bead on the gunmen. Many, many, many attempts were made by the various factions within the Distrito Capital to clear out the gunmen and yet all ended with a high death rate and a nonexistent kill ratio. To add insult to injury, attempts to recover dead and wounded men from the area ended with the rescue and medical parties all being shot down by the sniper. All in all the people of the Capital simply learned to avoid the Row, taking alternate routes through to reach friendly positions, towns, and locations of safety. However, one 'man' has proven that he survived a walk through the area that sat under the sniper's gun; a ghoul by the name of Walter. Walter is a man of few virtues, he has basically gone the several hundred years since the great war traversing obstacle after obstacle and always dealing with a great deal of bad luck. However, he must've had an angel on his shoulder when he entered the Row that fateful day. Doing his usual thing as a prospector, he was searching for anything old that he could sell in the various towns in the area when he came upon a room with the shutters partially opened. Upon further investigation of the room and the house as a whole, he discovered notch marks on the window sill and 5.56mm shell casings scattered about the rooms. Realizing where he was Walter scampered out of there, but not before grabbing a few shell casings to prove his story. To date, no one but Walter has made it out of the Row alive.


The Row is best avoided by any traveler who values his/her life, but some information has been gathered on the area. For one the sniper isn't very consistent in his weaponry, people report being fired on by everything from a .22 pea shooter to a .50 Caliber Anti-tank Rifle. The sniper tends to switch positions during the night so catching a glimpse of him or getting a lucky shot at him is very unlikely. Lastly, the place is booby trapped to high hell; almost everything has been rigged with explosives so tread carefully.

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