Flint River
Flint River
General Information
Location:Central Michigan
Population:Humans, Ghouls, Mirelurks, other creatures
Notable Individuals:Forgemaster, Trenton Dingler
Factions:Exaxes Warband, Forgemaster's Army, Ghoul Liberation Army
Notable events:Flint River War
Current status:Violent, polluted hellhole

The Flint River is a 126 kilometre-long river located in the former state of Michigan. Pre-war, a number of communities existed along its length; while destroyed, they have left behind a lasting legacy of severe pollution that continues to this day. Fallout and radioactive runoff from the ruins has only made matters worse, and while there are still inhabited communities in the area, their lives are far from easy.

Those that live here must fight a constant battle for resources, most notably clean water. While the ruins of old cities do offer the tempting lure of pre-war tech and salvaged materials, there are numerous hazards for the unwary. These include mutated wildlife and radiation, as well as the human threat and others seeking that same wealth for themselves. This makes the region one of constant bloodshed and strife, where life can often be short and brutal.




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