Fort Luck
Fort Luck
Organizational Information
Owned By:Joshua Smiggg
Incorporation Status:Casino
Manager:Joshua Smiggg
General Information
Headquarters:Fort Luck Casino
Location(s):Fort Leavenworth Ruins
Historical Information
Founded by:Joshua Smiggg
Status:Making Money
A small casino in the ruins of Fort Leavenworth, Fort Luck is a popular destination for travelers and locals alike in Eastern Kansas. It acts as a center of employment and activity for the town, forming the heart of Smiggg's empire.


Fort Luck spent the better part of two centuries after the war as the ruins of the old base commissary before being found by Joshua Smiggg. Smiggg saw the potential for a money maker immediately, as the space inside could easily accommodate gaming tables and slot machines. Spending the next seven months clearing out all the trash and moving tables in, Smiggg hired a dozen local residents and opened Fort Luck for business.

The next year in 2277 the Fort received a massive boost in profit when workers hired by Smiggg cleared several of the more stable houses out to use as hotel space. Now operating a full-fledged hotel and casino, Smiggg quickly achieved the small mountain of ring-pulls he had dreamed of.

The business has started to diversify, investing in businesses that cater to gamblers and patrons. They are eagerly looking forward to the completion of several of these facilities, especially the cigarette rollery.

Games and Services

Fort Luck offers many games for gamblers, and several other amenities for those just looking for civilization, including;

  • Black Jack
  • Five card Stud poker
  • Texas hold 'em poker
  • Faro
  • Craps
  • Roulette
  • Russian Roulette: only available for high rollers, with a thousand ring-pull buy in. Contestants are captured raiders from nearby communities.
  • Full-service restaurant
  • Hotel rooms in the nearby buildings
  • Safe deposit boxes in a locked room in the casino, one-time fee of three hundred ring-pulls needed to buy one.
  • They also have a number of chems for sale, supplied by Glenwood Chemical Solutions

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