"This place could become the nucleus of a new better civilization on the Coast! We can do this!"
―Mayor Francis' Inaugural Speech, 2196
Fort Pen
Fort Pen ruins
General Information
Location:Rumrunner Bay, Florida
Establishment:December 2077
Disestablishment:May 2200
Notable Individuals:
Notable events:Battle of Fort Pen (2200)
Current status:Derelict

Once a strong, thriving town, Fort Pen is now an irradiated ruin and stands out as a particularly harsh example of the uncaring nature of the wasteland.


The Great War

When the six warheads struck Pensacola, half of the population died almost instantly. However, a group of National Guardsmen, led by Anchorage veteran Vance Freeman, managed to set up a safe zone in the city and defend it from attack by both mutants and rioters. Many in the city flocked to the safe zone, but almost all of them were turned away, as the Guardsmen were only accepting women and children inside to prevent stretching their rations.

After about a month, Pensacola had mostly had emptied out, except for the mutants and people in the safe zone.


Surviving the inital chaos of the Great War, the safe zone evolved into the settlement of Fort Pen, a bulwark in Pensacola against the wasteland. The Guardsmen inside, now elderly, established the Fort Pen militia in 2097.

For more than fifty years after that, Fort Pen slowly grew as a result of its security and made contact with other settlements in the area, setting up caravans and trade agreements. In the 2170s, Fort Pen made contact with the Mobile Rangers from Waldock Plaza and formally allied with them, hoping to make the area a safer place for everyone. Fort Pen even formed its own version of the Mobile Rangers, the Gulf Rangers, in 2178 to police the area.

The formation of the Gulf Rangers caused Fort Pen's importance in the area to increase, and the town became able to project power as far as Mobile. It looked in 2200 as if Fort Pen might try to form its own nation soon and claim formal control over the Gulf Coast.

However, this all came to an end. A new threat, Matthias Dugan, emerged from the east and began a vendetta against the Gulf Rangers. Coming to Fort Pen, Dugan demanded Fort Pen hand over the Rangers but was refused. In response, Dugan laid siege to Fort Pen.

The siege lasted some months, but Dugan eventually broke into Fort Pen and after a brief battle massacred almost all the inhabitants. Taking the survivors as slaves, Dugan intentionally irradiated Fort Pen to punish the town's disrespect.

This left Fort Pen more radioactive than parts of Pensacola struck by the Great War and turned it into a lost ruin. Currently, access to Fort Pen from Rumrunner Bay is barred and it is rumored by Cuban Rumrunners that the site is haunted by the ghosts of Gulf Rangers, firing at anyone who comes near the Fort.

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