Fort Rushmore
Fort Rushmore
General Information
Location:Mount Rushmore, South Dakota
Current status:Occupied year-round

Fort Rushmore is a fortress occupied by Custer's American Army in the shadow of Mount Rushmore. It was built to be the group's primary base and still serves that function during the Generals' War.


Fort Rushmore's construction started soon after Mount Rushmore was taken over by General Custer. Custer wanted a new base for his army, Custer's American Army, and saw the shadow of Mount Rushmore as the perfect site to build it. This proved more difficult than first though and at first, a small wooden fort was built to precede the stone Fort Rushmore. Many slaves from Wyoming and Rapid City were brought in to work on the project. It stopped briefly in 2254 after the Battle of Deadwood but picked up soon afterwards.

In 2256, Fort Rushmore's construction was completed and Custer's American Army has occupied it ever since. The fort has never come under attack by outsiders, but its inhabitants are prepared for a fight.

The fort serves as the year-round residence of Jonah Gambit as he is overseeing the restoration of Mount Rushmore. General Custer oftens lives there as well, when he is not in the field or on business to Deadwood.


Fort Rushmore was built as a traditional diamond fort, with soldier barracks and other facilities on the inside. Electricity and plumbing are available inside Fort Rushmore, which the soldiers are very grateful for.


Fort Rushmore's economy is primarily focused on catering to Custer's American Army and assisting in Mount Rushmore's restoration. This includes light manufacturing, a few scavenged hydroponic rooms, and slave pens for in the winter.


Fort Rushmore's culture is a martial one, focused on defense. Also, slavery is a big part of Fort Rushmore because of the nearby presence of Mount Rushmore.

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