The Frac Rush began in 2275 in Abile, Texas. Thirty years previously, the concept of hydraulic fracturing was discovered and applied by researchers in Mesa. The oilfields around Midessa had long since been tapped dry, however, and the process yielded too little oil to excite any investors except Reg Sykes. Reg, a Brahmin baron, bought the research, the rights, and some of the researchers. On a hope, a lead, and a prayer, he took the technology to Abile, where he began to drill.

Once he hit oil and was able to suck enough of it out of the ground to make a profit, Reg Sykes took on the moniker, "The Oilman", and he began to build his empire.

The first successful well, Hope, was sunk in 2255, and the Oilman began ramping up production and distribution in 2260. Greasers and Speed Disciples, hungry for fuel in Penwell, were his primary purchasers. After the Oilman's daughter disappeared in 2265, possibly as a result of a kidnapping plot, the old man went into seclusion, and he acted mainly through his partner-- Aloysius Margrave. When the Oilman makes public appearances, he speaks through a voice modulator to make his voice carry, and he always wears a thick suit of metal armor.

The actual Frac Rush started when a fever suddenly gripped people living in surrounding communities. As increasing amounts of oil was drawn from the land and increasing amounts of money was sent to Abile from Penwell, Fort Holly (which used some of the oil in farming experiments), Weatherford, and Wichita Fell, groups of people began to de-camp for Abile itself. Those who arrived in Abile were put to work drilling. Others started businesses or worked for local Abile farmers.

The whole region of North Texas and the southern part of the Panhandle depopulated to some extent as over 4,100 people swelled the city of Abile in the space of six years.

Texas Commonwealth

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