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General Information
Location:Acadiana, Louisiana
Establishment:1820 (Pre-War), 2XXX (Post-War)
Notable Individuals:
Factions:The Architects, The Royaume
Notable events:?

Franklin is one of the major communities under the aegis of The Royaume, and is ruled directly by the Comte de St. Marie, one of the kingdom's most highly ranked aristocrats.


There is practically no agriculture or industry in Franklin, it wouldn't be much more than a Royaume fort save for the marketplace where Swampers are able to deal with Rafters and Muts without the tension, bad blood (and sheer distance) that comes with Tuloya. The Comte de St. Marie is able to meet the needs of his holdings with the money he earns on tolls and user fees in the marketplace. Though there is a port, the intervening bayous keep all but the shallowest draft of boats from utilizing it.


Comte Corbin Tanguy was an able soldier and lieutenant back when Jérôme and James St. Just were driving the Bosses out of the New Orleans ruins, but he is an unmotivated administrator at best. When spoils were being divided and title distributed, he outright asked for a position where he'd have little responsibility and plenty of opportunities to shoot things. Thus he was sent with a force of Gendarmes to establish a fort in the Franklin ruins. Corbin only exercises the bare minimum of his authority, usually in matters of justice. Otherwise he prefers to go on hunts and patrols, even at his advanced age. He is aware that his own children may have greater ambitions, and so has them fostered in Tuloya to learn how to rule.