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"Get closer lads, I want to be able to hit them with my Shishkebab!"
―Clyde Everett egging his men on during the Battle of Lebanon
Free Army
Free Army
Political Information
Group type:Mercenary
Leader Title:Captain
Leader:Clyde Everett
Motto:Go to Hell, Might as Well
Societal Information
Historical Information
Policy Information
Goals:Profit, Revenge on the Twin Pines Pack
Allies:Northwestern Alliance, Oregon tribals, Sons of Liberty, Degenerates
Enemies:New California Republic, Badlanders

A short-lived mercenary group that fought in the Oregon Brushfire Wars alongside the Northwestern Alliance, the Free Army was not as altruistic as its name may suggest. The group was mainly bank-rolled by the raider-dominated King's Council in Seattle to help halt NCR expansion north.



The Free Army originated in 2264 when Stern's Raiders were briefly captured by King's Council when they went to Seattle. Stern's Raiders both angered and impressed the Council when they escaped the King County International Airport with all their captured equipment. This gave King's Council a good impression of Stern's Raiders and their movement, though many in Stern's Raiders continued to hold a grudge against the raider-dominated Council.

Clyde Everett also met some of Stern's Raiders soon after their daring escape from King's Council. At a cafe in Emerald City waiting for another mercenary job, Clyde was not especially impressed with the Raiders' ex-Ranger credentials but respected their resolve after hearing more of their story. Nonetheless, Clyde mostly forgot about the meeting and did not think about the group for about a year afterward.

That was until 2266 when King's Council began hearing rumblings to the south about the mounting conflict between the newly formed Northwestern Alliance and the mighty New California Republic. Like many in Seattle and around Cascadia, King's Council feared the NCR's slow creep north and decided to throw their considerable weight behind the Northwestern Alliance, which was led by Stern's Raiders.

To do this, King's Council at first considered sending their own forces to go south and fight in the conflict themselves. They quickly decided against this, seeing it as too costly. So, the Council instead decided to fund an army of mercenaries from all across Cascadia to fight the NCR.

In late 2266, King's Council began contacting mercenaries all over Cascadia, from southern Canada to Seattle to northern Oregon. The first large group of mercenaries assembled in northern Oregon, led by a former raider named Drake Terrenzi, and named itself the Free Army in opposition to the NCR. They were given orders to stay put until more mercenaries came to support them.

In the next couple of months, more mercenaries began to come together in Seattle from the city itself, other parts of Washington, and southern Canada. Clyde Everett, being a mercenary, soon heard about the King's Council's mercenary offer and instantly took up the offer. Being an experienced, well-known mercenary, Clyde Everett became the leader of the mercenaries gathering in Seattle. He and the other mercenaries took up temporary residence in Emerald City to gather their strength. Former raiders, Degenerates, and even just ambitious residents of Emerald City joined the mercenaries' ranks in those months.

The Free Army, still encamped in northern Oregon, became increasingly exasperated by King's Council's slow progress in assembling mercenaries, holding them back from joining the main body of the Northwestern Alliance. Luckily, the mercenaries, led by Clyde Everett, arrived in early 2267 before any desertions began. However, this brought with it a whole other set of problems.

Oregon Brushfire Wars

Before they went off to battle the NCR, the leadership of the Free Army had a brief power struggle between the two dominant personalities of the group: Drake Terrenzi and Clyde Everett. Terrenzi, though less known and younger, had already been leading the Free Army for several months and was as stubborn as a mule. Though he was a former raider, Terrenzi had a firm code of honor he followed. Clyde Everett on the other hand was a superficially charming monster with no qualms about his actions as long as it could gain him more notoriety or power.



Notable Members

Clyde Everett

Clyde Everett

A famous merc from Seattle, Captain Clyde Everett was the leader of the Free Army and a prominent but controversial figure within the Northwestern Alliance. He has often been called a monster, a sociopath, and a mass-murderer without a shred of empathy. His close friends and followers in the Free Army would oppose this viewpoint, as many of them remember well as a charming, handsome man. This is exactly what Everett wanted them to think.



A Degenerate member of the Free Army, Shiv was a boisterous young man with loads of optimism when he joined but emerged after the end of the Free Army as a more soft spoken individual more suited to later lead the rest of the Degenerates in their continued fight against the Twin Pines Pack and the NCR.

Drake Terrenzi

Drake Terrenzi

A raider turned mercenary, Drake Terrenzi was remarkably principled for someone who used to be a raider. Terrenzi had his own code that he lived by even when he was a raider, emphasizing honesty, trust, and loyalty. This code got him into a lot of trouble in his days as a raider and when he became a part of the Free Army. Terrenzi's personal code also prevented him from ever gaining the true leadership or confidence of the Free Army. Nevertheless, Drake Terrenzi remained a prominent, high-ranking member of the Free Army throughout its existence, second only to Clyde Everett in importance. He was one of the few members of the Free Army that always detested Clyde Everett.



An auxiliary within the Free Army, Jade was a specialist who assisted the group with her Pip-Boy and her various non-combat related skills such as medicine, science, and business acumen. Jade acted as the Free Army's behind the scenes support and was the only reason the group's logistics did not fall apart. Jade's beauty and intelligence were well-known within the Free Army but her modesty prevented her from ever exploiting these attributes for her own gain. She was always better with numbers and machines than with people, but that did not prevent her from eventually coming out on top when the Free Army finally dispersed.





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