Frog Island
General Information
Location:Broken Banks, North Carolina
Current status:Island

Frog Island is considered to be a major breeding center for Swampfolk. Completely out of jurisdiction from the factions of the Broken Banks, this area poses a massive threat to the trading of the Broken Banks, namely the Albemarle Pact. Only the bravest and foolhardy travel to Frog Island, many of whom meet their fate at the meaty hands of the Swampfolk.


Frog Island is one of the many islands located in the northern reaches of the former Outer Banks. While it was home to several communities, these communities largely became havens to Swampfolk due to centuries upon centuries of inbreeding, radiation, and Pippy Cola consumption. Their main settlement, a community built around an old house, is surrounded by makeshift palisades.

Their leader, a particularly corpulent Swampfolk warlord named Mike the Devastator, is known by both humans and swampfolk for his ferocity. Among swampfolk, he is 'da reel deel,' known for having over a dozen sister-wives and protecting them with amazing tenacity. Humans know him as a problematic Swampfolk, known for attacking over the slightest provocation and disrupting trade with settlements in the Columbian Commonwealth.


Frog Island is home to naturally-grown mutfruit, though its presence is not nearly as profound as it is in Point Lookout. Radroaches are particularly common, so that is the major food source for the Swampfolk. Anyone brave enough to take on Mike the Devastator and his crazed band of Swampfolk will be rewarded with many items, including:

  • .308 ammo
  • Human flesh
  • Hunting rifles
  • Mike the Devastator's Warhammer
  • Mirelurk cakes
  • Mutfruit