Gardendale Greens
General Information
Location:Corpse Coast, Texas



Gardendale was founded in the early 1900s on what was then the western edge of Corpus Christi. It wasn't terribly noteworthy, though the Texas Mexican Railway ran through it. The community was annexed by Corpus Christi in 1954. By the time Corpus Christi finished annexing other, nearby small towns; Gardendale was somewhat centrally located.

The War

Gardendale was struck along with the rest of Corpus Christi on that fateful day, and most of the newer construction was utterly wrecked; filling the streets with rubble and debris. Only older buildings, built lower to the ground survived; though even these were heavily damaged.


When the city's survivors finally emerged from their assorted shelters and bolt holes, Gardendale became a sort of natural rallying area as people from different directions moved in to find others. These survivors would form the basis of the Great Clan. When the Great Clan fell apart and split in twain; Gardendale was dominated by the Truax. The Truax would reign until the establishment of The Lexxx which caused another schism; forming the Greens and Blues. The xenophobic Greens drove the Blues to Flour Bluff. Much diminished from the days of the Great Clan, the Greens had trouble keeping the outsiders they hated so from infiltrating the ruins, leading to the current state of affairs.



A typical Green.

Lying in the heart of The Corpse, Gardendale serves as a battlefield nearly daily. People who actually have to live here must grow accustomed to the constant din of gunshots, shouts, boots against concrete, and so on. These conditions leave the residents surly and an odd combination of paranoid and inattentive: they're constantly on edge, but prone to ignoring battles in the distance.

Outside the Green-controlled areas, things are even worse. Some of the local gangs, especially the more savage ones, completely befoul their areas with improper disposal of human waste and remains.


Gardendale has no real economy and no established means of supporting a traditional wasteland settlement, it is sustained entirely by the spoils of raids and payment for the services of its mercenary inhabitants.



A typical Geist Korps soldier.

Gardendale is nominally ruled by the Greens, a well-organized gang of natives with a long history in the area; with their Commander Jaime Cruz as the reigning autocrat. Their authority is challenged daily by smaller gangs hiding in their territory and rivals from all around the Corpse Coast.

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