Glass Houses
Glass Houses
General Information
Location:Ontario Wasteland

The Glass Houses are a oddity in the Ontario Wasteland, located a little bit east of the settlement of Eastroc, and situated near the ruins of the pre-war town of Fairport. No wastelander knows what purpose these two buildings serve, but they have survived the war, looking a little bit worse for wear.


Constructed in 2067, the Glass Houses were meant as an exhibit for "The Houses of Tomorrow", to create a more positive view of the future, even though the Resource Wars were going on.

The exhibit really didn't catch on, however, and both Glass Houses were left to decay. But, however, both of the Glass Houses were an interesting target for various pre-war urban explorers and delinquents. When the houses brought the attention to delinquents in the pre-war Rochester area, they took the opportunity and proceeded to loot both houses, and left most of the things that they thought had little to no value to them.

Years after the bombs dropped, and after the settlement of Eastroc was formed, a small group of surveyors was banded up by the mayor of the settlement, to go explore the area around their settlement, within their journey, they ended up stumbling upon the Glass Houses. The explorers decided to explore the houses and found some interesting pre-war loot, but however, most of their finds had some value to their home settlement of Eastroc.

Rumors started spreading around about the house in the settlement of Eastroc, some as wild as the houses being cursed, due to the explorers falling ill shortly after their return back home. Eventually, going to both of the houses, and stealing one thing would be a popular challenge amongst the youth of the settlement. What they didn't know was that a group of Vixens would be moving into the houses later that month.

After a few groups of children from Eastroc went into the Glass Houses, someone was going to get hurt. A few days after the Vixens moved into the Glass Houses, a group of stupid children went into the two houses, and never came back. The parents were devastated, and they pestered the mayor of the settlement to establish some sort of defense team around the perimeter of the Glass Houses.

Months of nagging and haggling finally made the mayor of Eastroc snap, and forced him to send some citizens willing enough to squat around the Glass Houses, the parents finally shut up, and to this day, the squat around the Glass Houses remains, telling the children and teenagers of Eastroc to go back to their homes, or else be disfigured by a pack of Vixens.