Golden Meadow
Golden Meadow
General Information
Location:Acadiana, Louisiana
Population:approx. 100
Notable Individuals:Edgard Armistead
Factions:The Royaume, The Black Water Clan, Gason la Forè
Notable events:Battle of Golden Meadows
Current status:Struggling settlement/military camp.
"You think I honestly fought so long for "his majesty" out of some sense of patriotic duty? Some misguided sense of loyalty to the King? Please, the minute I heard we'd get our own spread for our jurisdiction I was sold"
―Edgard on his service to The Royaume.
A Barony of The Royaume located in the small town of Golden Meadows on the border of Barataria Bay. The town was colonized by former Gendarme Capitaine; Edgard Armistead and has since been used as his base of operations as he attempts to remove the Pirates of Barataria Bay and thus annex the whole bay for his own use and profit.


Edgard Armistead, the Baron de Golden Meadow is the sole leader of the small township of Golden Meadow. He maintains his control over his small Barony through the use of his twenty-five man Gendarme detachment and the dozens of mercenaries who serve alongside them. To add with the constant fighting taking place around Golden Meadow between the Baron's men and pirates, Edgard argues that the current situation doesn't make a representative form of government feasible, that is until the threats to the town have been cleared out.


The economy of Golden Meadows revolves around two items, the hunting of Gar and Spider Crabs and the dredging of Bog Iron off of the swamp shores. Many of the residents of Golden Meadow who aren't members of the Edgard's militia often spend their time among the mangroves hunting Gar and Spider Crab, both of these creatures' meat goes for a pretty penny up north in Tuloya and the town's nearest neighbor; St. James. The Bog Iron that is scrapped off the bottom of the swamps by digging crews is often made into ingots which in turn are usually traded to the friendly Black Water Clan, a tribe of Creole speaking tribals for Red Eye meat or for information on Pirate hideouts inside Barataria Bay. Otherwise the ingots make their way back North where they are used for other purposes by the locals.


The people of Golden Meadow are a tough and hard working bunch, all of whom have weathered the dangers of living on the frontier of the Royaume's control. Most of the people in town spend most week days working under the sun, whether its in a corn patch or tending to their herd of cattle or fighting off raids by the pirates every man and woman is a hard worker. When they aren't hard at work, or fighting the people attend communal mass in the town's one Roman Catholic Church, there they worship, send their kids for their education and go for help in their time of need.

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