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Gray Azharki
Date of birth:2262
Age:25 (as of 2287)
Mass:190 lbs
Occupation:Raider (formerly)

Despite being brought up in a violent and mind-corrupting environment, Gray Azharki continues to survive relatively sane in the world, simply combatting everything that the wasteland throws his way. With a natural talent for sniping, Gray prefers to take out his enemies unseen; although, he is also able to hold his own in a fire or melee fight.



Gray Azharki is of Middle-Eastern heritage and as such possesses certain traits, such as black hair, dark brown eyes, and darkish tan skin. He has an affinity to grow out his facial hair, although keeps the hair on his head rather kept and dirt-free whenever he can. Due to his time in The Glasgow Grinners, Gray has a permanent 'Glasgow grin' carved into the sides of his mouth; he also has several other facial scars from various incidents. Because of the Glasgow grin scar, he often covers up his lower face area with a bandana - still paranoid of the mercenaries that chased him out of Connecticut. Other than the prominent scar, one of Gray's distinguishing features are his eyebrows - being dark and full, they create a more intimidating look for the man. Being a survivor of the wastes, Gray has a rather muscular body and is six feet in height.

Abilities & Skills

An adept sniper and melee fighter, Gray tends to keep himself hidden when tackling any battles. The shadows give him the advantage to take out as many creatures or people before heading further if necessary. If unable to take out targets from a long-distance, Gray prefers to stay hidden and finish jobs with either a silenced pistol or his machete. When confronted, he will often prefer to use a rifle or, once again, his machete to put his enemies down. His variety of combat skills are some he takes pride in and they're the reason he has managed to survive in the wastes.

Not only skilled in battle, Gray is also an excellent hacker and is often able to fix up any devices; this includes less complex robots such as protectrons or turrets. Gray is also a gun fanatic, spending much of his free time tinkering his sniper rifle. Along with his scientific knowledge, Gray possesses basic medical skills; as such he is able to fix his own wounds up rather than having to visit a settlement.


Gray's primary weapon is his sniper rifle 'Smile!' which he was given at age 16 by his former boss and lover, Glasgow. Although he originally contemplated destroying the rifle after killing Glasgow, Gray ultimately decided that it was too valuable to simply disregard. Along with his signature rifle, Gray also carries 'Juliet' a revolver that he took from the corpse of Brute after she sacrificed her life in order for him to survive. He doesn't often use Juliet, but carries it as a reminder of his friend. The other weapons Gray generally carries at all times are: a silenced pistol (for close proximity hidden kills) and a machete.

For defense, Gray mostly wears scavenged parts of old combat armor - he tries to keep it as lightweight as possible but as strong as it can be in order to move swiftly and quietly. He also wears a skull printed bandana to cover his lower face and habitually wears an old military cap.

Along with his weapons and apparel, Gray carries any necessary medical equipment and usually has a bottle of whiskey in his pack.

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