Green Skies
Green Skies is a region in Brick City, located on the western side of the ruins of the Garden State Parkway, between The L and Campus. The area is roughly three-and-a-half square miles, following the ruins of the Garden State Parkway, between the ruins of Interstate-78 and Interstate-280. During Pre-War days, it was not actually all part of the city of Newark, with the southern area belonging to the township of Irvington. The area is known as such due to the fact that it is perpetually covered by a rad storm, giving the sky and everything else a green hue. The reason as to why this is remains a complete mystery, as a storm hovering over a fixed spot for seemingly all of perpetuity defies all known meteorological phenomenon.

Green Skies is not particularly habitable to human beings. The radiation levels are high enough that prolonged exposure in the area will cause radiation sickness, and eventually death. Protections against radiation, such as Rad-X and radiation suits, will protect those in the area for limited periods of time, but the other dangers of Green Skies still make it risky to enter. Feral Ghouls, rabid dogs, radroaches, and other creatures wander the area, added an additional layer of danger for those passing through.

The occasional ghoul makes their home in the area, and sketchy humans can sometimes be found living around its fringes, but by and large, the area has very few permanent residents as a result of these dangers. As a result, there are many Pre-War ruins that have not been, or have only lightly been scavenged.