Greer's Landing
Greer's Landing
General Information
Location:Northwestern Corridor, Tamaulipas
Population:approx. 139
Notable Individuals:Roger Stilkins, Ibrahmin Avalos, Eustacio Adelmo Martinez
Factions:Doolittle Regulators, Avalos Family, Various gangs
Notable events:The Roger Stilikins Gang raid, Wainwright Gang, Attack by the Doolittle Regulators.
Current status:A lawless "Open" border town.

A border town, split by the Rio Grande River and connected by an old cable ferry. Serving as a trading post and crossover point for people going into or leaving Mexico, Greer's Landing has earned a reputation as a rough and tumble, basically lawless "Open" border town.



In the early 2240s the area along the banks along Texan portion of the Rio Grande had been dealing with a issue of Deathclaws, the massive, mutated beasts had been plaguing the Northern bank for some time making trade and travel in the area extremely hazardous as traveling packs of Deathclaws settled upon the various pre-war roads that led South from the irradiated ruins of Houston, San Antonio and Dallas-Fort Worth. Either way those few locals who hadn't been cut open by the local Deathclaw population resolved to do something about the issue. They put the word out that they were looking for an experienced hunter to help them thin out the Deathclaw population some, several hunters responded and most ended up dead within the week, only taking one or two Deathclaws with them.

However a man by the name of Andrew Greer arose and offered his services to the town, unlike the previous men the locals had hired, Andrew had experience hunting Deathclaws for Catholic homesteaders in The Saltlands. The locals hired him on, expecting him to last maybe a day or two, they were shocked when they began to found whole herds of Deathclaws lying dead in the wastes, and after two weeks Andrew returned to the locals small village and declared his work to be done.

Elated and wowed by Andrew's skill with a rifle, they handed over his pay and promptly asked him to stay around as their protector. Agreeing to do so (being paid of course) he soon became the town's informal leader, organizing salvaging parties, acting as the village Constable and helping with the town's crop harvests. Eventually upon his death in the year 2245 the town was named Greer's Landing in his honor and due to it close proximity to the Rio Grande River. As the village turned into a town as more people trickled in a man by the name of Jordan Daley came upon the town, being a merchant for the Texican Trading Company he was looking to cross the Rio Grande and trade in the Northwestern Corridor, however he didn't feel like paying the exorbitant rates the Hellions charged in Zap-City and thus was looking to cross from the town. However upon inquiring about a ferry service, he was told that the town didn't operate or even have a ferry.

Deciding to leave town, Jordan made a brief comment on his way out of the town that they could make a lot of money running a ferry service across the river, thus giving the town's entrepreneurs the idea to construct the ferry the town is now known for. After dragging the cables across the river, constructing a sizable raft out of boards and old barrels and rigging up a reel system the ferry became operational. Run by a small motor (ripped from a pre-war car)
Greer's Landing cable ferry

Greer's Landing original ferry.

the ferry began to transport people across the Rio Grande for a small charge, and soon people began to flock in to cross the river at a relatively small price and soon the town became a frequent destination for travelers, merchants, arms dealers and drug runners looking to move themselves and their product into Mexico.

In order to regulate this new influx of merchants and travelers, the town held and election and elected a Sheriff, her name was Jill Rawlings and she promptly named her brother, best friend and brother in law to be her deputies. Acting as the town's chief law enforcement officer and de jure Mayor she began to setup a series of ground rules for what was and wasn't allowed in the town; slaves, chems and gangs were banned within the town limits, while running guns, and peddling regular goods was acceptable along with hiring out prostitutes and selling liquor. As merchants streamed into town, so did other businesses as saloons, brothels and inns began to crop up around town, along with a Livery, general store (alongside the town Co-op), blacksmith, tanner, butcher, leatherworks and doctors office.

All these quickly put the town on the map as a cheap place to cross the river, take care of all your needs and be on your way and soon it began to attract more than just traveling caravans and travelers as Cattlemen from the Cattle Country began to use the ferry to transport their cattle across, leading to the opening of a second and third ferry line, this increase in traffic led to the Jill to name two more deputies to her force and to instate a tariff on cattle drives since they tended to take up whole lines for hours and drive away more potential customers. The result of this new tariff was attracting the ire of many cattlemen, who had used the town's ferry as a cheap if slower means to move their cattle to buyers up North and led to a growing resentment towards the current town government.

To add another problem that arose was the fact that some of the townsfolk had moved to the Mexican side of the river, either to escape the more congested Northern side or to cater to customers while their pockets were still lined with caps. This posed the issue of policing the expanded side of the town, leading to Jill again expanding the police force and send three of her men over to the South side to help keep things orderly there. However as these issues were resolved the town quickly became a prosperous place until the arrival of the Comanchero gang led by Saul Zaragosa.

Saul and his men had been camped a few miles outside the town for some time and had been harassing the cattle drives and caravans that came and went from the town on a regular occasion and after gathering enough caps from their raids they decided to go into town and celebrate. Upon entering the town and buying a round of drinks at the Dusty Cowboy saloon, Jill and several of her deputies confronted Saul and his gang, after demanding that they leave or submit themselves to the town jail Saul and his gang opted to take on the jumped up Sheriff. They burst out from the saloon, guns blazing, they lost a few in the ten minute long gun battle and so did the lawmen, however as Saul and his gang rode out of town amongst the dead was Jill.

After her death the town never truly had a functional law enforcement body as the new Sheriff was ineffectual at his job, forcing the town to rely upon mercenaries to keep the peace. As for Saul and his gang, they rode off towards Fort Brown where they shot their way across the bridge and promptly became cattle rustlers in the Cattle Country, before being caught and hung by the Valle Hermoso Rangers, yet it was often rumored that Saul and his gang had been on the payroll of cattlemen looking to get rid of the town's Sheriff, and sure enough when Jill died, the tariff died with her.

The Roger Stilkins Gang Raid

It was not soon after the death of Sheriff Rawlings and the establishment of the Greer's Landing Mercenary Auxiliary (mercenaries hired to patrol the street as 'officers') that the town's structure was again tested and shaken by the arrival of Roger Stilkins and his gang of low lifes. Known as the One-Lung after the lung he supposedly lost during the Cattle Country's Indian Wars he and his gang had made name for themselves serving as mercenaries and tribal fighters for whoever would pay the most, they had just returned from the Sweetsteppes where the Scraphounds had hired them to hunt WASPs, however the deal had gone sour when one of their gang (he was drunk at the time) decided to use a Scraphound as target practice.

Now looking to move South and get contracts in the Saltlands to kill off the mutated tribals that lived there, they had chosen to cross the Rio Grande at Greer's Landing. However when news came that the gang was looking to come into town the Sheriff, a few of his deputies and a handful of mercenaries went to meet him. When Roger and his men rode into town, they were met with warning shots and the Sheriff ordered them to turn around. Not looking to get into a fight with some of the local law enforcement, Roger and his men obliged.

However as Roger and his men setup camp a ways outta town that night, Roger became more and more worked up over the issue, until finally he flew into rage and told his men that they would burn Greer's Landing to the ground, his gang agreed without a moment's hesitation. That next morning they arose early, ate a quick breakfast and mounted their horses and set out for Greer's Landing around 6 AM. Arriving outside the town about a half hour later, they attacked around 7 and got the jump on the local constables and mercenaries. The raid was a long and bloody one as the Sheriff, the deputies and the mercenaries fought for several hours in the streets as terrified and interested townsfolk watched from the shelter of the saloons and brothels.

When the fighting was all over, 23 people lay dead and 12 more were in the doctors office. Most were either members of Roger's gang or from the Law Enforcement bureaus and the rest were people who had been caught in the crossfire, either way the town survived and Roger and his gang ended up crossing the river at Zap-City. The Sheriff, after the gunfight ended, feared that the gunfight would drive people away from their town, instead it brought people in scores as they came to see the town that the infamous Roger Stilkins and his men had fought, and hear about the brave lawmen that held them off. In the end the town benefited from the attack, even with the severe loss of life.

Year of The Cattlemen

Ibrahim Avalos

The arrival of Ibrahim Avalos in Greer's Landing signaled the start of the Age of the Cattlemen. Despite having lost their range war with the Locklear Family the Avalos were still a ranching family, although a significantly weakened one in terms of power and control. Ibrahim Avalos was one of the many members of the Avalos cattle family and had been escorting a herd of Longhorns to the border to ensure that they reached their buyer in New Hebbron, when he received word that a group of mercenaries had closed the cattle trail outside of town and despite the best efforts of the Doolittle Regulators, the trail couldn't be reopened. Forced to have to deal with the prospect of not getting his herd to New Hebbron in time, Ibrahim bought space in the town's corral and spent the good chunk of the week drinking down his worries and listening to the crackle of gunfire as mercenaries and Regulators fought over the cattle trail.

Finally after a week of languishing in Greer's Landing, word came down that his buyers up in New Hebbron had decided to buy instead from Falfurrias, thus he was forced to sell his beeves to local cattlemen and butchers at a much reduced price. These two things compounded with the amount of liquor he had been drinking sent him over the edge as he decided it was high time for the Brahmin ranchers to get a taste of their own medicine. He used the small amount of caps he had made off the sell of his herd and hired a bunch of cut throats and thugs and set off to lay
Mexican cattleman

Ibrahim Avalos

waste to the Brahmin ranches of Texas. After raiding a few small homesteads he decided his next target should be the open range Brahmin Baron George Harvey. George Harvey was known for being one of the most powerful Brahmin ranchers in all of Texas, lording over a large spread and several thousand heads of Brahmin, he was also a staunch opponent of the Longhorn ranchers of Tamaulipas. Thus he seemed to Ibrahmin to be the best target for his rage fueled rampage, thus he and his gang rode on the homestead of George Harvey and demanded that Harvey give himself up for his crimes against the people of Tamaulipas. However George was not in his home, but rather out delivering a herd of Brahmin to a tribe of Lipan. Who was home was his family and a few armed guards to keep the Thunderfoot away, the guards opened fire on Ibrahim and his gang and a gunfight ensued.

After fifteen minutes of shooting, several of Ibrahim's gang was dead along with several of the Harvey's hired guns, yet it was at this point that George's youngest son, Nathaniel, a rather hot headed boy, decided he wanted to enter the fight and help defend his mother and younger sister. Taking up his grandfather's old Colt Trooper he rushed outside to join the hired guns, against the protests of his family and hired guns. He fired off a few rounds at Ibrahim and his gang before being hit himself in the neck. He bled out within five minutes, and as he fell, so did the last of the hired guns. As Ibrahmin looked over the wreckage that was the homestead, he came to Nathaniel's body and as he stared down on the dead boy he snapped out of his rage filled trance.

Suddenly he lost the stomach for butchery and tried to turn his gang around, to try and save the rest of the boy's family but to no avail, the angry and ravenous gang fell upon the family. The gang brutally raped the mother and her daughter, hung the family dog upside down and split it open like a Deer before finally killing the mother and daughter and setting the whole place on fire. They than turned around towards Greer's Landing, with a disturbed Ibrahim in tow. Upon their return to Greer's Landing the gang broke up and Ibrahim, needing some sort of escape returned to the bottle, meanwhile the members of his old gang were systematically hunted down and brought back to George who had them killed by the most grotesque means possible. Eventually a gang of bounty hunters showed up in Greer's Landing, the Wainwright Gang, and promptly took Ibrahim into custody and rode back off towards George's ranch. Ibrahim didn't fight or struggle, but rather submitted to his fate and promptly died screaming.

The Wainwright Gang

After having dragged Ibrahim Avalos back to the Harvey ranch the Wainwright Gang was once again out of work. The Wainwright Gang, despite its title as a gang wasn't a criminal organization but was rather a collection of bounty hunters that went from town to town searching for work. Returning to Greer's Landing they decided to stop into one of the town's many saloons and have a drink, it was while they were interacting with some of the locals that they heard about the Greer's Landing Mercenary Auxiliary, and decided to sign on with this particular organization in order to earn some caps.

As they were given their badges and accepted the titles of Special Constable they immediately set about the task of policing the town, finding it to be a rather difficult job, having to constantly break up bar fights, confiscate and deal with drugs and their peddlers, along with face off against the local brand out deadbeat crooks and ruffians looking to make a quick buck off robbing people. However their mettle would truly be tested when a Comanchero by the name of Johnny West rode into town, demanding that the town submit to him and that the town's various businesses hand over their caps. He was chased from town by a group of armed men, but the Wainwright Gang and the various other mercenaries weren't so keen on angering the man they knew as the Comanchero General, and sure enough an hour later Johnny and his men arrived outside of town, looking to raze the place as a show of force. Johnny and his men numbered nearly 175 men strong, while the total number of men from the Sheriff's Office and the Auxiliary number about 35, thus the Sheriff set his men to making fortifications from which they could defend the town while he and a few men evacuated the townsfolk.

When the Sheriff returned the constables and mercenaries had a small dirt wall from which they planned on fighting from behind, thinking this was they best they could do the Sheriff and his men, however the leader of the Wainwright Gang; Robert Sanders knew that they'd need a bit more firepower to take on the likes of Johnny West. Robert had once ridden with Johnny West and his Comanchero army but had grown disillusioned by the actions he took against their victims, thus he sent a runner, loaded with caps to buy weaponry from Roman Klebowski, an arms dealer in Distrito Capital. After two hours of tense waiting the runner returned with an old .30 caliber Browning machine gun, along with 200 rounds of ammunition. They set it up to face the direction that the comancheros attack, then with the help of the Sheriff and some deputies they created a kill zone by setting fire to the thickets that faced their rampart.

Seeing this activity, Johnny decided it was time to attack the town, leading his men down from the hills on horseback they charged head long into the still smoldering thickets and straight into the officer's kill zone. The deputies and mercenaries all opened fire, tearing apart he comanchero's ranks with gunfire, killing men and beast alike. Seeing the butchery, Johnny ordered his men back, promptly sending a second force around the side of wall to outflank the defenders while he and the rest of the riders hit them from the front again. The following battle was a desperate one for the lawmen as they tried to hold off over one hundred comancheros, many of the lawmen were killed but in the end the comancheros were beaten back. Astonished by the resilience of the defenders, Johnny ordered his men back and decided to move onto the next town, suffering the first defeat of his campaign.

For the Wainwright Gang and the other lawmen, the battle had been a hard one as they lost nearly all of their numbers in the melee. As for the Wainwright Gang their leader was among the dead and the next man to step up was far less upright then his predecessor, thus the Wainwright Gang went from a gang of bounty hunters to a gang of cattle rustlers that would come to harass the town from that day forward giving the victory over the Comanchero General a rather sour end.

Doolittle Regulators

The troubles that befell the town in the year 2259 had yet to end though, as the town reeled after its defeat of Johnny West and his Comanchero army they were again faced with another threat; mercenaries hired by the Falfurrias Cattlemen's Association looking to waylay Longhorn drives heading further North towards buyers in the Permian Basin and The Oilfields. It started with a cattle drive led by Thomas Williamson, one of the town's small time ranchers and future gunslinger.

He and his herd of twelve Longhorns started off towards the North from his ranch on the Texan side of the Rio Bravo, however when they came to a rather narrow part of the trail known as Twister's Gulch he and his three cattlemen were suddenly fired upon by assailants hiding up on the cliffs. Two of the cattlemen fell instantly but Thomas and the third man managed to take cover behind a low overhang and began to return fire. However the gunmen's aim suddenly switched from Thomas and his surviving ranch hand and began to open up on the Longhorns, after about three minutes of firing the beasts were all either dead or badly wounded, blocking the trail with their corpses. Deciding to cut their losses and run, Thomas and the ranch hand made a bee line back to Greer's Landing and reported the attack.

Soon enough nearly every cattlemen that tried to leave town had his drive ambushed as nearly every cattle trail leaving town became clogged with the rotting corpses of Longhorns, attracting scavengers like Geckos and in one case a few Deathclaws who feasted upon a pack of recently killed Longhorns. Eventually the Sheriff's Department got involved and they began to escort cattle drives and soon the lawmen and the mercenaries began to have skirmishes along the various trails. The Sheriff declared Twister's Gulch to be closed, along with two other trails as he and his men fought to keep traffic moving.

However it would be Thomas and some of the townsfolk that would make a significant contribution to the war, Thomas formed a vigilante organization called People Against Banditry and Rustling or PABR. Thomas and PABR rode day and night from Greer's Landing, hunting down mercenaries hired by Falfurrias, attacking their camps and hanging anyone who survived as a warning to further mercenaries sent by the Cattlemen's association. However it would take the intervention of the Cattlemen's Safety Bureau or the Doolittle Regulators to truly put a stop to the constant attacks on the cattle drives. Someone in town had gotten word out to the Regulator's base of operations in Doolittle Texas and they sent a few riders out to survey the issue. What they found was a town essentially blockaded from moving North.

The Regulators arrived in force over the next couple of days and began to escort cattle drives North soon after, they also used the town's various crime fighting organizations to support their efforts and soon they were able to effectively combat the Falfurrian mercenaries. One of the most ingenious techniques they used was to use a

A group of Regulators with a dead merc.

carriage they had bought from the Cholla Springs Coach Line and strip out the back and put a water cooled Browning .30 caliber machine gun in, disgusting the weapon within the carriage itself. When the mercenaries rode up behind the carriage, the sides fell out (minus the right side which was for the gunner's protection) and the gunners opened up, mowing down the mercenaries riding behind them. Inside the carriage two other men who had been posing as riders grabbed up their .30-30 Winchester repeaters and opened up on the mercenaries on the sides of the carriage, while up front the man riding shotgun pulled out his Coach gun and began to pick off those trying to kill the horses and driver.

It all culminated in at least twenty five mercs lying face down in their own blood. The Regulators weren't above hiring other gangsters as well as they hired a small gang of dinamiteros to use their trademark explosives to kill mercenaries. Eventually the mercenaries were all either killed or run off, thus ending the attacks on cattle drives and on the town. However the war with the mercenaries would give the town some lasting staples, a deep seeded hatred for all Brahmin ranchers, PABR would become the town's de facto vigilante organization and the Doolittle Regulators would setup and office in town.

"Open" Town

Yet despite the defeat of the Falfurrian mercenaries and Johnny West's army the town was still a crazy place, bordering on lawlessness and the time of organized and clean law enforcement was soon coming to an end in Greer's Landing with the arrival of Eustacio Adelmo Martinez and his gang of motorized nut jobs known as Los Bandoleros. The Bandoleros were a gang of comancheros and bandits who have the advantage of having access to some fixed up vehicles and motorcycles, making them essentially a post-apocalyptic motorcycle gang. Eustacio and his gang of twelve bikers broke into town and promptly began making a mess of the place, tossing molotovs in the Sheriff's office, shooting down some of the mercenaries and militiamen that patrolled the streets and promptly systematically robbing every saloon in town, leaving three people dead along with two of their number.

However even after Eustacio rode out of town the raids effects were still being felt by the town weeks later, the Sheriff was dead along with many of his deputies, the mercenary auxiliary had officially been disbanded by its members and PABR was the only real law enforcement entity in town outside of the Regulators and they were not interested in policing a whole town. However as PABR stepped up to be the main law enforcement force in town, the town gradually went their own directions, slavers were brought in to sell saloon and brothel owners better whores, chem were bought and sold by saloons to patrons looking for more of a high then what booze could provide and all the laws set forth by the town since its foundation gradually broke down. Soon the town was awash in chems, whores, slavers and all other manner of debauchery, in one rather twisted case the owner of the town slaughterhouse got his workers hooked on Jet to keep them tied to him for need of the drug.

Yet the law enforcement bureaus weren't willing to give up quite yet, PABR stepped up its operations, targeting chem dealers, slavers and those saloon and brothel owners that supported them. Meanwhile the Sheriff's department reformed to some degree and the lawmen tried to enforce the old rules but found such efforts to be rather strenuous and the bribes offered by slavers and chem dealers to be too great to resist and thus the Sheriff and his men went into the pocket of the vice merchants, and into the crosshairs of PABR and other vigilantes. Yet despite the efforts of those law and order minded citizens the town became an "open town" allowing in all manner of vice and debauchery.


Presently the town is still just as lawless as it was after Eustacio's raid, however a street war has developed between the corrupt Sheriff and members of PABR with PABR clearly having the advantage over the Sheriff and his deputies. However the town has also benefited from the constant fighting within the Northwestern Corridor by getting business from arms merchants moving South to hawk their goods to the various factions in the corridor.


The government of Greer's Landing is currently in a dubious state but in the past the town's law had been based upon a set of principles that had been outlined by the town's first official Sheriff; Jill Rawlings had outlined. Chems and slaving were banned within the town limits, selling of such substances was grounds for some time in the town jail and in extreme cases, execution or banishment. Crimes such as robbery,murder, rape, arson and assault were punished with either a stint in jail or in the case of murder, rape and arson, hanging. However those who enforced such laws were many and yet the town was barely under the control of the law at any one time in the town's history.

Sheriff's Office

The first lawmen to ever patrol the town's streets was Andrew Greer but after that the rise of Jill Rawlings signaled the creation of the Sheriff's Office. Jill set about the rules by which the town would live by and thus went about the business of enforcing those rules, originally working with only three deputies the Office eventually grew to number about 25 lawmen, all of whom were determined to enforce the laws of time. The deputies generally mixed with the populace well, getting their support when it came to hauling in crooks and thus the town was generally a safe place for people to be, this status ended with the death of Jill Rawlings. The death of Sheriff Rawlings removed the one object that the scum that lived outside of the town feared the most and thus invited trouble to the town.

Ever since her death the Sheriff and his deputies have had to contend with violent crooks, gangs of cattle rustlers harassing outlying ranches, bands of murderous tribals killing homesteaders, and of course Comancheros like Johnny West and Ibrahim Avalos, which would later bring out the issue of vigilantes working outside the law. Yet with the death of the Sheriff from the Bandoleros, the Sheriff's Office has been a symbol for all that is wrong with Greer's Landing as the men who are supposed to protect the people are instead their worst enemy as it is common knowledge that the Sheriff and his deputies are all in the pocket of the big chem dealers and slave traders.

Mercenary Auxiliary

The mercenary auxiliary was setup by Sheriff that took over after Jill Rawlings' death, it was meant to create a force to backup the actual Sheriff and his deputies by helping with patrolling the streets, making arrests, dealing with crooks and bandits along with acting as a more heavily armed members of the law enforcement. Members of the auxiliary hold the title of Special Constable.

People Against Banditry and Rustling

PABR, as the organizations acronym goes, was started by Thomas Williamson a rancher and later on famed gunfighter as a response to the increase of attacks on cattle drives headed North into Texas. In this function the organization functioned reasonably well and remained a part of the town's law enforcement to the day that Eustacio Martinez tore the town up in his infamous raid, and when the chem dealers and slavers returned to town, PABR reacted by targeting these low lifers and later going to 'war' with the Sheriff's Office when they gave into the bribery of the outlaws.


The economy of Greer's Landing is mostly dominated by the revenues made at the cable ferries, with separate rates being charged for bulk cargo, animals, and human cargo. The cattle tariff, in particular, has caused a great deal of issues for the town in the past as cattlemen liked to use the town's ferries as a cheaper, but slower means of moving their herds across the Rio Grande and onto buyers in Texas, thus when Sheriff Rawlings had the tariff put in place it caused the cattlemen to fork over more caps to use the ferries. The issue became such a sore point for the cattlemen they supposedly hired Saul Zaragosa and his gang of Comancheros to kill Sheriff Rawlings in an attempt to have the tariff removed, an attempt the succeeded when the next Sheriff came to power and repealed the tariff. The presence of Longhorn ranchers in Greer's Landing has put the town into the sights of the powerful Brahmin Barons of Falfurrias, who hired mercenaries to harass the town and cut the roads in order to prevent the Longhorns from reaching their buyers in Texas and thus driving down the price of their Brahmin. Thus the very act of being rancher in Greer's Landing is basically an invitation for trouble.

Beyond ranching, the town has a few small subsistence farms around the town's outskirts, but these are usually victim to attacks by roving bands of tribals, most notably the Thunderfoot on the Texan side. However, the town has a rather booming slaughterhouse, where the foreman; Paul McCoy uses chems bought from the town's dealers to keep his workers in line and constantly reliant on McCoy for their next dose, lest they suffer the effects of withdrawal. To add the town also has a tanner that benefits from constant business from Gecko and Mole Rat hunters, there is a blacksmith who works with the gunsmith to repair broken weapons.

However the most profitable venture in town is the vice industry, the town is filled with a number of saloon, and brothels. All of whom sell a variety of liquors and chems to their patrons, not to mention the women they rent out to patrons. For those looking for a more permanent companion there are several slave traders in town but being seen with them or a slave is inviting a bullet in the back from a member of PABR. Chems are usually made in town and those 'local' drugs usually, come in the form of Peyote that is either collected from the surrounding scrub or grown by farmers. However, most chem dealers and slave traders that come into town usually come with an armed escort, weary of attacks by the infamous PABR, who are known for having targeted vice merchants like themselves. In one particular incident, a chem dealer and the corrupt deputy who was acting as his guard were found tied to a tree by their feet and split open like a deer, with the words Scum written on their corpses. However, the threat of a horrible death won't stop many dealers from coming to town and making a fortune selling to local junkies and lustful cowboys.


Life in Greer's Landing is very rough and tumble, when it was just a small village the town was plagued by the presence of vicious Deathclaws and other hostile fauna, only remedied by the arrival of Andrew Greer. When the town developed the town was again plagued by attacks from bandits and comancheros along with being dealing with the local breed of outlaws. The constant efforts of the Law Enforcement to keep the streets usually meant that gunfights were a commonplace in the streets, this usually made the town a rather hazardous place to be. Going along with this, many people sport firearms in town, ranging from revolvers and pistols to repeaters and assault rifles, all being carried in the name of self-defense or otherwise and in Greer's Landing its usually otherwise.

However, the town's actual culture is a mix of Texan and Mexican influences, with a lot of grain based being a common place in Greer's Landing, alongside cooked meats that are a common meal in Texas. The streets of Greer's Landing, when they aren't clear of life prior to a gunfight, usually sport a number of street stands with vendors hawking cheap meals to the passerby. These mostly consist of partially or overcooked Mole Rat, Gecko or Beef steaks.


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