"Fast, Onery, and a mouth of teeth. Be glad they live alone"
―Jedd Nelson, Badlands trapper.
An aggressive and surprisingly quick predator, Growlers are the mutated descendants of Fishers.

Date of
Created via:Radiation
Height:3'7" when standing

Physical Characteristics

Growlers are moderate sized mammals, comparable in size to a Pit Bull. Over the centuries, they have grown stockier than their ancestors, as well as more pronounced claws and teeth. Their tails have grown shorter as well, causing some to mistake them for a bobcat. Their fur is consistently dark throughout the year, making them easier to spot in the winter. It is also noted to be very soft, with demand for it high.


A natural predator, Growlers will usually spend their time hunting for creatures smaller or weaker than it is. The exception to this is mating season, which usually comes in the summer. Male Growlers live alone, and their territory can range up to four miles. The territory of males and females often overlap, due to males need of easily accessible sex. Females territory often goes up to two miles, though they tend not to stray from the When approached by a larger predator, Growlers will at first try to escape but if pursued will turn to fight. They emit their namesake Growl to communicate with each other, their throats and mouths having mutated over time. They can also Growl when threatened.


Growlers usually feed on smaller mammals and insects but have been known to hunt larger creatures if hunger. They have been known to carrion if fresh, though this has only been observed among young males without any territory. They have often targeted Brahmin and Buffalo in the winter, to the detriment of many farmers.

Offensive Capabilities

Growlers possess a mouth of razor sharp teeth, as well as sharp claws. Their legs are powerful enough to launch them around fifteen feet forward, often surprising many would-be hunters.

Defensive Capabilities

They have powerful squat legs, able to launch them away from any predator, and their Growl often startles creatures and humans.


Growlers are indigenous to the North American Continent, living primarily in Canada and the northern United States of America. They prefer woodlands but have been known to live in plains in the summer.