Hand of God
Hand of God
General Information
Location:Gold Coast, Florida
Notable Individuals:
Notable events:Unknown
Current status:Landmark of uncertain history.

The Hand of God is a great statue of a hand reaching towards the heavens, covered in hauntingly emaciated people climbing to a point below its wrist. It stands in the ruins of Miami; a scant distance west from the towers of A1A, but several miles east across both ruin and open water from Neversink, Freedom Tower, and the Orange Bowl.


What is now called the Hand of God was actually a Holocaust Memorial conceived of and built in the late 1980s and opened to the public in 1990. It served its purpose for decades, being a quiet, beautiful place where people could contemplate the horrifying atrocities of the second world war. It survived the war, shielded from the blast by nearby buildings and perhaps a bit of luck. When the water level rose, much of the memorial was eventually submerged, leaving only the copper arm, green with patina for people to see. It is tended to by some of the descendants of Miami's Jewish population who believe it to be important to their history, but no longer remember the full truth of it. Some believe it to have been a warning against the Great War, but those who have risked radiation sickness by exploring underwater say it has to do with an older conflict. Some elect not to believe these explorers, refusing to think that humanity could have committed such horrors more than once.


The arm and hand seemingly appears to be rising randomly from the water, but the truth lies below. The arm extends a raised stone platform, covered in emaciated figures for the length of it; the whole statue is 42' tall. A 200' diameter circular stone depression, an artificial pond before the war, extends around the statue's platform. The "pond," sits within a plaza bounded by a colonnade. A portion of the colonnade is walled in by black granite slabs engraved with many, many names and several images; some of them portraying truly horrifying scenes of human suffering. There are a few statues separated from the giant hand, all portraying people either frightened or dead; one of them portraying a dead woman and two children has the following legend inscribed:

"ideals, dreams and cherished hopes rise within us only to meet the horrible truths and be shattered..."
―Carved upon the stone.

There is also a partially enclosed hallway of stone set with slits at varying points that probably created a dramatic lighting effect before it was all underwater. The hallway leads to a small dome containing the ruined equipment required for an eternal flame; there is also a yellow, six pointed star set in the ceiling with the word "Jude."

The whole site is about 4 miles east and slightly north of Freedom Tower which is the closest community in the ruins of Downtown. The A1A towers on the other hand are a scant few blocks away to the east.

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